Name: Rosalei
Active: NO
Height: 5'4.5"
Weight: 100 lbs
Wrestling Skills: competitive, semi-competitive, fem fem, mixed, grappling, kickboxing, pin count, pin submission, beat downs, jiu jitsu
Favorite Moves: rear naked choke, all various head scissors, face sit, arm bars, forward/reverse pubis choke
Toughest Opponent: Bella, Mia
Easiest Win: Paige, Arianne, Winter,
Opponents she wanted to face: Chris, Aubrey, Cynara, Zoe
Win and Loss:


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9 thoughts on “Rosalei”

  1. Rosalei looks strong and skilled. If she can beat a man than she should try wrestling against Kassidy from London, UK.
    Certainly one of UK’s strongest female wrestlers. Very curious to know what Rosalei would do against her.

  2. I can’t seem to find the video with Rosalei in the white shorts sitting on someone in the top left photo, is it on the site?

  3. I would love to see a video featuring Rosalei taking on Aubrey. BUT one where Rosalei completely destroy Aubrey with long facesits and tight figure four headscissors knocking Aubrey out. Then when she comes to, Rosalei hog ties her, blind folds and gags her, puts her feet in Aubrey’s face then uses a reverse facesit to knock out Aubrey again.

    1. Rosalei is mesmerizing! Rosalei vs Aubrey would be an epic matchup that I, too, would love to see. I have a feeling Rosalei would have her work cut out for her against Aubrey but is certainly capable of coming out on top. Seeing those two struggling for control of the other would be incredible, regardless of the outcome. I love just imagining what would happen in that match!

  4. Rosalei is my #1 favorite list of facesitters & wrestlers because I absolutely loved the way that she humiliated Winter by grabbing a fistful of her hair & rammed her pussy into her face & her reverse facesit!

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