FPP-015 Bella vs Chadam Competitive Pin Series

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This is a new style match we are trying out. This match is full blown 100% competitive pins and face  sits only match, mixed of course. Bella wanted to test chadam and his skills to their limit, so she was first to do the mixed pin challenge. Bella as we all know is only 18, but she is seriously tough, skilled and athletic along with the determination to win, once on those mats. She flies at chadam full force, both struggling for the upper hand. You can tell neither wanted to go down first. Unfortunately for chad, he went down.

Bella wasted no time pinning him tight to the mats, and breaking him down with long winded face sitting. She even ignored his taps and made him tap a few more times before she let him breathe. As chadam fought hard to get out, he almost did a few times, but he was slammed right back down, Bella moving into positions with lightning fast speed. The match goes on for quite a while, and Bella became cocky, a little too cocky and chadam preyed on that. He manages to escape and desperately tried to keep Bella under control.

As they fight for position again, chadam got his second wind, literally football tackles Bella to the mats, and gets her pinned. Seeking the win, chadam moves up secures Bella’s arms above her head and face sits her. Bella was angry she was on the bottom now and fought to break free. Chadam did not let up on her. With loads of face sitting, Bella could not escape, and chadam forced Bella to give up, but not after humiliating her a bit more, gloating his win in this competitive mixed battle. Bella will soon be seeking a rematch.


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