CPL-TT-85 The Upset Victory

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO CPL-TT-85 The Upset Victory  This match pits the fierce blonde Rosalei against the equally strong Arianne. This was a most submissions battle with any holds being allowed. Rosalei brought out her most powerful asset, her legs. Her headscissors are dangerously strong, and […]

KOA-0139 Sexy Cowgirl K.O

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO Rosalei stepped out onto the mats in her pig tails, tiny little denim cut off shorts, and cowboy boots on. She was looking for her new found victom that she could easily over power, destroy, humiliate and dominate. The unlucky one happened […]

SAV-054 Rosalei’s POV Smother K.O.

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO Rosalei has her new little POV victim beneath her ready to bring the pain and humiliation like she knows how. Rosalei gets off on belittling, dominating and smothering as it clearly shows in this clip. The camera turns on and Rosalei is […]

CMX-CA-75 Rocked By Rosalei

Rosalei sets the tone for this match as she comes fully prepared to do damage. Dressed in all pink looking sexy as ever, chadam is in for a real lesson in mat wrestling. This gorgeous blonde immediately tears into him pulling him literally on top […]

KOA-0132 Rosalei’s New Bound Bitch

Mia has a certain love for being obnoxious to her opponents, just to drive her fulfillment of sado masochistic tendencies. She certainly picked the right opponent in this clip as she goes against the tough and sexy Rosalei. They face off and lunge at each […]


ACTIVE:  NO Height- 5’4 Weight- 115 lbs Wrestling skills:  semi-competitive, fem fem, mixed, grappling, kickboxing, pincount, pin submission,beatdowns Favorite moves:  rear naked choke, headscissors, facesit, armbars  

CPL-WM-28 Humiliated By The Blond Domme

This clip is a special feature match. Winter comes to us from fighting girls to challenge Rosalei in an all out competitive fight to the finish style match. Both girls are same height and weight, and size one another up before they start. Their take […]

KOA-0124 The Pain Inflictor K.O.’s

If you take one look at Rosalei one would not think she is capable of inflicting pain, humiliating her opponents, or even all that strong. Looks can be deceiving as she displays nothing but ruthless tactics in this clip. Chadam is faced with a sexy […]