CPL-PRL-001 Rosalei vs Bella

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CPL-PRL-001 Rosalei vs Bella Here is a pre release featuring Bella going up against the tough Rosalei. There are a few surprise twists in this clip, including the ending where Rosalei uses Bella’s face as a foot stool. Lots of great facesitting, scissors and more in this clip.

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  2. This is always my favorite matchup. Each girl is fully capable of winning so you never know who will come out on top when they fight. Rosalei has a smaller frame but is stronger than she looks and is highly skilled…but so is Bella which is why they are such a great pairing. Bella took control in the beginning by pinning Rosalei down and facesitting her which earned quite a few taps. It was obvious Rosalei was off to a troubling start as Bella kept her pinned and then started taunting her, adding to her humiliation. The trash talk between these two always makes their rivalry more fun to watch. I loved it when Rosalei made the mistake of insulting Bella who immediately demanded an apology and sat on her face ignoring her taps until she agreed she was sorry. Just when it looked like the match was going to be one-sided, Rosalei managed to break free when Bella tried to transition to a reverse facesit. Rosalei took advantage of the opportunity to slip away and ended up pinning Bella, telling her it’s payback time as she took control of Bella with facesits and scissor holds, really wearing her down. Bella escaped leading to a tussle that allowed her to get the upper hand over Rosalei again who quickly found herself pinned and scissored before eventually ending up stuck in a humiliating reverse facesit that was executed perfectly this time. Rosalei got out and after some good back and forth action, took full control of the match again, this time keeping Bella pinned for a LONG time, leaving no chance for her to come back. Rosalei smothered Bella relentlessly making it clear who the winner was while rubbing it in Bella’s face how many taps she was getting. Bella seemed totally worn down and there was nothing she could do, totally at the mercy of her smaller-framed rival. The most humiliating part of the match came at the very end when Rosalei planted her feet on Bella’s face and grabbed her wrists, pulling her arms forcefully out and threatening to dislocate her shoulders until Bella finally muttered “I give up” into Rosalei’s soles. Rosalei smiled and flexed, keeping her feet in Bella’s face in an ultimate display of dominance. Luckily for Bella, Rosalei has beautiful feet but you could tell Bella was disappointed in her loss and totally embarrassed. Even though Rosalei started out in trouble, she proved she was the stronger, dominant girl in the end. This is one I can’t stop watching.

  3. Awesome video! Love seeing Rosalei dominate and Bella being on the receiving end is always great as well. Love that Rosalei put her feet in Bella’s face. Hope there’s more matches where Rosalei uses her feet, so hot! Also, I was wondering if customs are going to be available again in the near future with vaccines rolling out?

  4. These two girls are absolute magic together. Rosalei and Bella are two of my favorite wrestlers on CPL without a doubt, but together it just amps up to another level. “Wow” is all you can say.

  5. I just bought this video only for Rosalei, since I truly admire her. I really thought Rosalei had this in the bag from start to finish, but failed to realize the strength/skill in Bella. Rosalei certainly has the skill set but struggled with Bella in this clip. Watching Bella take over using facesitting front and backwards, Rosalei had her work cut out for her to escape. Once she was able to break free, Rosalei really hammered on her holds. She even pulled Bella’s hair in her facesits which looked painful on Bella. The ending was superb, even though I am not a foot fan per say, Rosalei made Bella well aware who the winner was. Putting her feet in Bella’s face and pulling on her arms Bella had to admit her loss. Rosalei never fails to perform. She is sexy.

  6. Rosalei’s scissors of steel and facesitting!! I knew Bella was in trouble from the start when her heart sweet bikini crotch struggling to keep a Facesit on Rosalei. Bella got one other chance towards the middle of the match and blew it!! Rosalei definitely stronger than Bella and it showed. The best part is seeing Rosalei on top digging her crotch deep into Bella’s face over and over cutting off her air. Rosalei was too nice at the end and saw Bella sweating and gave her air. Rosalei could have easily put her out and should have. Why Rosalei?? Bella would have not cared and put you out.

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