CMX-JKO-81 Sexy Jeans KO

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CMX-JKO-81 Sexy Jeans KO- Rosalei is the ultimate little blonde powerhouse. She is practically unbeatable, and a true warrior on the mats. Dressed in her skin tight jeans she applies many excruciatingly painful holds on chadam. From one move to the next she moves with accuracy and skill, knowing exactly what she plans on doing next. She facesits chadam in forward and reverse, pressing her tight jeans against his face.

Rosalei uses rear naked chokes watching his face cringe in pain, smiling whole inflicting pain. Her head scissors are destructive, locking her small yet muscular thighs tightly around his neck in a few different positions watching him squirm and face change colors trying to escape.

No matter what chadam tried to do to counter her, Rosalei was always one step ahead, wearing him down faster and faster. She even uses a make shift arm bar making him shout out in pain before mounting his face one last time smothering him into a sleepy dream like world. Who knew someone so sexy could make wrestling and grappling look so good. Fans of jeans will love this.

One thought on “CMX-JKO-81 Sexy Jeans KO”

  1. I am not a big fan of jeans, like more sporty clothes, but since it was rosalei it’s ok. Watching this video I actually feel a bit sorry for the guy. Rosalei really put the hurt on, seemingly with no remorse too. She uses a variety of her holds, and totally dominated the entire match. He tries to escape lots of times, but she catches him in some other hold. Her headlock take down at the start looked painful, and when she used her legs at the end trapping his arm I thought she was going to break it. When she sat behind him choking him that was spectacular just the raw power of her arms alone was sexy. At the end it looks like he really has nothing left in him to fight, and she sat on his face knocking him out. Brutal.

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