CMX-CL-44 Double Crossing Diva

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Bella wants to try out to get onto the cheerleader squad, and Rosalei is the captain. For Bella’s initiation she had to beat a male at wrestling, with the help of Rosalei. They both take on their male counterpart, and both girls pin him down. As they swap places facesitting him, Bella is facesitting with Rosalei behind her. Then Rosalei grabs a rope and ties Bella’s arms behind her back. She tells Bella it’s just part of the initiation and to relax. When her arms are completely bound, Rosalei then shoves Bella off onto the mats, and facesits their male toy. She puts him out and instantly jumps off and facesits Bella. Bella was totally confused, but Rosalei puts her out as well. As chadam comes to, Rosalei grabs a rope and reverse facesits him and ties his arms up. Now chadam goes out again, Rosalei was being ruthless with K.O.’s taking no chances. Bella comes to all dazed, and she gets her legs tied up, then put out again. Rosalei now has both victims tied up, and once each awakens, she puts them right back out. At the end she tells Bella that there is no way she could ever be on her squad, proving that by putting both her victims out. This is a great video, seeing Rosalei like never before, little miss innocent, not so innocent now.



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