CPL-OO-13 Rosalei Rocks Paige

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Published: 2016-03-10
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Rosalei comes to us looking to try out the wrestling. She is blond, fit, super hot so of course we obliged. She received about an hours worth of training before wanting to go against Paige. There is at least 25lb weight difference between them, but rosalei was determined regardless. Paige was shocked once the match started. Rosalei plowed into Paige like a freight train, slamming her right to the mats.She got Paige into a tight schoolgirl pin, near facesit but Paige escaped. Rosalei acted purely on instinct, got Paige into a reverse headlock and slams her back down again. Rosalei mounts Paige again, this time extracting some good taps from her with facesit chokes. Paige fought hard not wanting to be over taken by a smaller girl. Rosalei caught Paige in a painful rear naked choke figure four body scissor which had Paige frantically trying to escape. As they wrestle around more Paige finds herself in some compromising positions such as a camel clutch, painful crossbody pins, reverse facesits, and more. Paige struggles to unseat this hot newbie, feeling embarrassed, humiliated and totally dominated now. Paige was tired, and no matter what she tried to do, Rosalei was there waiting to trap her. Rosalei also gets Paige into some amazing headscissors, that broke Paige down and wore her out completely. Seeing rosalei’s legs wrapped tightly around Paige’s neck, her face stuck in her thighs and butt, Paige could do nothing to escape. Rosalei’s scissor power is phenomenal, turning Paige’s face purple. Turning her reverse headscissor now into a reverse schoolgirl pin/facesit, Paige could do nothing now but mumble her humiliating submission into this new girls ass, feeling almost ashamed of losing

cplpicsets CPL-OO-13 Rosalei Rocks Paige

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