CPL-BRL-81 Smothered To Exhaustion

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CPL-BRL-81 Smothered To Exhaustion Here we have two strong and technical wrestlers, Rosalei and Bella. Each bring their own unique style of wrestling to the table, and both are fully capable of destroying one another. Bella knows that Rosalei has defeated her in the past and needs to be careful, planning her moves accordingly. Taking no chances, Bella pounces on Rosalei getting her pinned to the mats. At first she begins to toy with Rosalei slowly facesitting her and barely letting her catch her breath when she tapped. Rosalei was struggling to break out from under Bella to avoid any more humiliation.

Rosalei finally escapes and now the match beings to intensify. Applying forward and reverse facsits, plus a multitude of head scisors it looks as though Rosalei was making a good comeback. Bella is stubborn and tough, and waited for the right moment to get out. She fires back now at Rosalei with headscissors of her own, watching the anguish all over Rosalei’s face a she taps from the pain. Using up most of her energy trying to fight off Bella, Rosalei ends up flat on her back again, Bella mounting her chest and neck. This time Rosalei was unable to escape and Bella pours on the facesits, really making Rosalei fight for air. It was obvious that there was no escape for the blond goddess and she ends up having to submit to her younger opponent, leaving her in shambles on the mat.


3 thoughts on “CPL-BRL-81 Smothered To Exhaustion”

  1. Rosalei is your dreamy girl next door. She has the complete package deal. Sexiness, speed, agility, and with such a small frame she inflicts devastating pain on her helpless victims. I LOVED this clip, except for the fact she lost to Bella. It was interesting to watch Rosalei almost “give it” to Bella for the sake of feeling sorry for her. Rosalei has stomped out many girls and guys on here, Bella being one of them. Off day perhaps? Wanting to be dominated? Who knows. Either way it was fascinating just watching her.

  2. Love watching these two compete. The absolute best pairing IMO – Both great wrestlers and pretty girls. The description was spot on. It was interesting to see the playfulness in the beginning with lots of verbal taunts as they were clearly having fun with each other. I loved how they kept challenging each other to step it up which led to a more competitive and decisive ending. Just when it seemed Rosalei had it in the bag, Bella managed to get the upper hand and took control for the remainder of the match. It was shocking to see the exchange of power as Rosalei went from being on the brink of winning to being scooted across the floor like a ragdoll and secured to the mat at Bella’s mercy. Really loved the dynamic between them as Bella took full advantage of Rosalei’s predicament, toying with her while relentlessly keeping her pinned. It doesn’t get much better than this!

  3. I have to agree with the comment above from ryan. At first it looked like Rosalei was in trouble, but once she escaped she really gave it to Bella. I was really routing for Rosalei and just when I thought she was going to win, Bella was sneaky and caught Rosalei blind sided and pinned her down. By then it looked like Rosalei’s fighting spirit was gone, which allowed her to suffer the ending at the hands of Bella and her sitting on her face over and over. I still admire Rosalei for her effort, but Bella is a tough contender.

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