CMX-RKO-12 Rosalei’s Vicious KO

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CMX-RKO-12 Rosalei’s Vicious KO

Rosalei vs Chadam Green Shorts K.O. Chadam was not prepared today as to what Rosalei was about to unleash on him. She is ruthless, unforgiving, and very sadistic when it comes to dominating him. Her quaint smile hides her sadism for inflicting pain. She effortlessly switches from one hold to the next, not allowing chadam any room to escape. Her headscsissors are intense, and painful, her facesitting air depriving and erotic. Rosalei shows no mercy as chadam struggles to even stay awake as he is punished in her scissors and smothering. Fear was growing in his eyes as Rosalei locks on one last straight legged scissor, as she slowly tightens the grip around his neck now. Patiently waiting and watching, Rosalei squeezes until chadam is out, her leg muscles ripple the tighter she squeezes. Chadam lay with his head between her legs, as she poses smiling and flexing over his now limp body.

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