CMX-ALF-5 The Blonde Alpha Female

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Rosalei is set for her 3 tap match against chadam, dressed in her super sexy tight white shorts and white sports bra. She almost looks angelic, and yet has a superbly dominant and mean streak in her. Even though she is smaller in stature and has a smaller frame, she is unbelievably strong, fast, and skilled. she takes chadam down with a bit of a scuffle, but then secures a schoolgirl pin turned facesit. She gets a tap from that then rapidly locks on an arm bar. Nearly snapping his arm, he taps again and as he tried to escape she gets on a triangle choke. From there the struggle continues, until she is on top and uses her skill to work him over with a very rough and tight seated triangle choke, nearly putting him out. Rosalei takes him down again and uses a reverse facesit this time. She makes him tap from that, then goes for a reverse straight leg scissor. Watching her hammer it on his face was wincing in pain but he had no choice but to tap. Rosalei eases up on him and as he tried to escape she gets behind him quickly and it was mere seconds before he was tapping out in her rear naked choke. He drops to the mats face first, so Rosalei used that opportunity to clamp on a reverse headlock. As the pain sets in chadam fights back driving them to the mats. As chadam takes control, Rosalei fights him off as best a she could, no matter what chadam tried to use to make Rosalei tap, she fended it off. Rosalei finally escapes his grasp, and she gets behind him again, pulling him down into a rear naked choke body scissor. Once she locked her ankles together and applied pressure he immediately tapped, writhing in pain as she nearly broke his ribs. She lets off with her legs, pulls him up a bit, laughing at him, then she gets him into a lotus lock sending him face first into the mats screaming out. They break apart as chadam tries to fight back, but Rosalei easily uses a reverse headlock to get her last tap. As they go at each other again, chadam manages to scissor one of her legs and tries to push the other one in the opposite direction, using a leg spreader. Rosalei almost tapped from the pain, but manages to get out, and leaps on him for three one after another facesit submissions. Rosalei stepped up her punishment towards chadam and uses some nasty triangle chokes, nearly putting him out multiple times. She also uses a few more scissors, and arm bar, acros the neck shin choke and more. Rosalei then pins him down sitting full weight on his chest and she drives her heels into his throat trapping his arms between her thighs. For their final fall, Rosalei resorts to pinning chadam down, arms above his head and facesitting him into breath depriving submissions until the match was over.  Rosalei sits back onto his chest staring down at her breathless foe, then strikes a flexing pose smiling over her thoroughly defeated and breathless opponent. Another stellar performance by a truly hot and skilled blonde.

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