SJM-PCV-075 Arianne vs Rosalei pin Count

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SJM-PCV-075 Arianne vs Rosalei pin Count


4 thoughts on “SJM-PCV-075 Arianne vs Rosalei pin Count”

  1. Got this video for Rosalei mostly. Her performances are always a joy to watch. With her small compact frame she can dominate almost everyone she wrestles. Arianne got tossed around and pinned over and over. Just when I thought Rosalei had this in the bag Arianne came out of no where and fought back. I won’t spoil the video but it was a close match.

  2. Bought and watched this one now today. I agree with jerry’s comment I won’t spoil it for anyone else. Arianne seems to be a decent contender for rosalei, and she struggled throughout the video defending herself against Arianne. When Rosalei got pinned, you can see her smile as if to say, I will get out!! She did get out once or 2 times. Arianne manages to score some pin points on Rosalei, and both have a different pin style. Arianne’s looks like it would be much harder to get out from under. But Rosalei makes escape near impossible. There is a lot of back and fourth pins even sitting backwards, it was a close match. You will have to keep track of each girls pins to see who won.

    1. I agree that Arianne is a great contender for Rosalei. This video is next on my list to purchase. Might have to go ahead and buy it now. Such a good matchup!

  3. Just watched this video and loved every second of it! My expectations were set high after reading the above comments which were spot on and the video exceeded what I was anticipating. They both have really great pin techniques. Rosalei got off to such a strong start and Arianne had a strong finish. I’ll leave it at that so the ending won’t be spoiled but definitely a great matchup to say the least.

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