CPL-WM-31 Handicap Challenge Match

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Bella and Rosalei are put to the test in this clip. Both girls agree to doing a handicap challenge match. When they begin, each girl has to score a submission by any means possible. Once one girl taps, the winner has a choice of tying her hands, her feet, gagging her, or blindfolding after each tap, limiting their opponents ability to fight back. The girl how gets all tied up and forced to quit, is declared the winner. Rosalei knows that Bella is tough, but she also knows that her legs are near lethal in strength and plans to use that tactic. Bella anxiously awaits the countdown as she rocks back and fourth ready to pounce. They tackle on another to the mats and struggle for position.

Rosalei manages to get on top and does her best to secure Bella’s arms down getting her in a schoolgirl pin. Bella resists Rosalei as she tries to sit on her face, and after many attempts, Bella escapes. Rosalei keeps Bella pinned, and quickly gets into reverse now. She sets herself up perfectly for a reverse headscissor, and once applied she squeezes with insane power, and Bella taps out, left completely in shock. She gets off Bella and reaches over and grabs the blindfold placing it over Bella’s eyes. She secures it tightly, and they get into the starting position again, this time Bella can not see Rosalei or what she was about to do. Bella reaches out blindly in front of her as Rosalei slams her down to the mats. Locking on her infamous scissors around Bella’s neck and once again applying pressure. Bella fought it for only a few seconds and had to tap again.

Now Rosalei grabs the rope and ties Bella’s feet together. Getting back up, Rosalei tosses Bella around and as they go down she jumps on Bella again getting her into a facesit. Bella fights hard to escape, and from there Rosalei rolls Bella to her side and traps her again in another neck crushing scissor. Bella’s hands now get tied up, and is losing this match badly now. With Rosalei in a clear lead has Bella with a third scissor this time making Bella tap and cough hard from the pressure. Now Bella is gagged as Rosalei ties it around her head and stuffs it in her mouth. figuring so far her scissor have not failed, Bella was on the receiving end of another headscissor, one that she tries to not tap out from, but couldn’t. Rosalei practically front hog ties her, as she ties her thighs together and her wrists now to her ankles leaving Bella in an awkward position. Rosalei just toys with Bella now getting her in forward and reverse facesits, until the very end where she finishes off Bella with her famous headscissors. Bella now having to admit a humiliating defeat to her sexy blonde adversary.



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