KOA-0102 Rosalei The New Knockout Boss

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Rosalei makes her debut mixed match in this clip. She stepped onto the mats wearing skin tight leather lace up pants ready to squeeze and destroy. She may be sexy, but her legs are strong and she easily works over her helpless little squeeze toy in this clip. Chadam suffered long, painful and grueling head scissors, nearly going out quite a few times. Rosalei just loves to listen to his reaction as she clamps her thighs around his neck and squeeze, watching his face turn all shades of dark colors. She uses her own anaconda technique with each scissor she applies.

First she clamps his head in tightly then, slowly squeezes until he taps, each scissor more painful than the first. She also chokes him with her crotch, and gets him into a reverse north south choke making him cough. Tiring and now bored toying with her little wimp, Rosalei locks on her final head scissor and pours on the pressure and pain, as chadam taps she simply ignores it and waits for him to stop moving. Now flexing her sexy muscles for the camera in a dominant show of scissor victory.



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