CMX-OS-23 One Night Stand Gone Wrong

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Chadam invites a sexy blonde over one night after the club to stay the night and have some fun. Well the next morning, things got messy, fast. When chadam woke up, his date was still sleeping wearing her tight white panties and his tank top. He had to get her out of the house quick, before his girlfriend returned. Chadam rips the covers off her, and she slowly wakes up, he then tells her that she has to go. confused, and now upset she lashes out at him with verbal insults, then throws him to the bed. She was going to teach him a lesson in respect and manners.

Chadam trash talked her, and she retorts right back with insults flying back and fourth, as his “date” face sits him shutting him up. this goes on for a bit as she chokes him, and continually smothers him. then, she took off her socks, shoved one in his mouth, and tied his hands up with the other one. Now with even more face sitting, chadam bit off more than he could chew, and found himself now at the mercy of his one night stand.

She was so upset at his demeanor towards her and just using her for sex, she smothers him one last time, and makes sure he is completely finished. chadam stops moving, and she stands up off the bed, grabs her clothes, and helps herself to his money and jewelry leaving him with his lights out on the bed. Maybe he will think twice now about using girls as one night stands.


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