CPL-TLC-090 Tilly’s Topless Pincount

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO CPL-TLC-090 Tilly’s Topless Pincount    Tilly takes on rough and tumble Paige in this topless pin count match. Dressed in thongs these girls are ready to dish it out and try to become the best on the mats giving themselves bragging rights […]

CPL-MB-004 The Jealous Factor

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO CPL-MB-004 The Jealous Factor  Arianne heard that Paige was back, talking a big game that she was the best on the mats. Arianne burst into the studio while Paige was stretching and she kicked her in the ass, sending her flying. Arianne […]

CMX-SSW-22 Tough Mixed Battle

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO CMX-SSW-22 Tough Mixed Battle  Paige has her hands full today in this all out mixed clip. chadam was on point and fought back harder against her. He was tired of losing to this powerhouse. Chadam was able to trap Paige in a […]

CPL-WR-699 War Of The Wrestlers

PREVIEW DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO Arianne meets Paige in this all out wrestling to the finish style clip. Each girl is wearing her respective wrestling singlet, all geared up ready for their showdown. This is a battle of skill, power, strength and most of all stamina. […]


ACTIVE:  NO,  HIATUS Height:  5’5 Weight:  140 lbs Wrestling skills:  prostyle, mixed, fem fem, semi-competitive, competitive,pincount, pin submission Favorite moves: headscissors, reverse facesit pin  

KOA-0131 Smother Bullies K.O.

Tilly and Paige are set to square off yet again. This time both girls use facesitting and a few scissors only to subdue, destroy and conquer one another. Tilly and Paige fought hard in their last match, and there still seems to be a bit […]

KOA-0129 Paige’s Stinkface KO

Paigeis a well built and stacked girl who is strong, and when it comes to wrestling guys she certainly dishes out the humiliation. Paige sets the tone to this match stepping out in her little thong and blue bra ready for showing chadam a thing […]