KOA-0137-Big Girl Left Breathless K.O

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Amber and Bella have been having this big vs small feud going on the mats with each video they do. This match is no different and Amber certainly does not want to lose to a smaller opponent, again. Bella and Amber face off, as Bella impatiently rocks back and fourth waiting to pounce, as Amber keeps her eyes locked on Bella. It seems as though Bella was taken aback by Amber as they hit the mats crashing, Amber quickly getting on top of Bella, pinning her. Amber scoots up and facesits Bella, saying welcome back, as she smothers her. Bella taps out as the banter begins between them. Amber was taunting her smaller rival, as she lifts up and goes back down onto Bella’s face making sure to use her weight, making sure Bella can’t get any air. After getting many tap outs in forward facesits, Amber quickly turns around and gives Bella a face full of ass. As her ass engulfs Bella’s whole face, she struggles under all Amber’s weight but can’t unseat her. Amber slides back and locks on a reverse head scissor, wrapping her massive thighs around Bella’s head now. With very little effort she squeezes and gets Bella to tap out pretty quick. After repeated taps, Bella once again gets a face full of huge ass smothering her. Switching it up again to a forward facesit, a few more taps, then Amber moves on to the breast smothering. Trapping Bella’s leg in a grapevine, she plants her huge tits over her face, swallowing her head, muffling Bella’s cries for air. Amber actually enjoyed breast smothering Bella as she shakes her tits in her face as she suffocates her adding more humiliation. With a few more scissors, and face sitting,
Amber turns Bella onto her stomach, which catches her off guard. Before Bella knew what had happened Amber got Bella into a camel clutch. With her arms pinned tight to Amber’s sides, Amber reaches down and grabs under Bella’s chin and reefs up on her. Clearly Bella was in pain as she pulls her head up, Bella wincing in pain. Releasing her arms amber rolls Bella onto her back again, jumping on her she says “having a hard time breathing” slamming back down on Bella’s face. With more scissors, breast smothering, and face sitting, Amber is thinking that Bella is pretty wore down by now.
But to Amber’s surprise, she tries to mount Bella but this time Bella forces her off. Bella leaps at the opportunity to dominate now, catching Amber’s face between her tits smothering her. Bella rolls to her side and gets Amber in a rather painful body scissor, putting the squeeze on her bigger prey. After some brutal body scissor taps, Bella goes straight for the face sitting to break Amber down. Bella punishes Amber miserably with facesit after facesit, winding the big girl, and throws in some tight head scissors for good measure. Rolling Amber onto her back Bella has her trapped in a seated choke making Amber’s face turn beat red now. Amber on the verge of panic mode from the constant face sitting has her gasping, asking if she gives up. Amber too winded to even say anything Bella decides for her, give up or Pass out, so Bella buries her face in her crotch and ends this match by putting Amber out. Bella grabs her arm, lifts it up and lets it go as it falls to the mats. Bella flexes and says “well she should have given up”.


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