CMX-CA-197 Amber The Unmerciful

Category:  Mixed Wrestling
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Full Video: 15 Minutes
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Published: 2017-02-24
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Amber faces off with skinny boy Chris in this clip. Amber outweighs Chris by almost 40lbs, and she plans on using that to her advantage. Amber is a power house BBW, and Chris tries to push her down at the start. When they fight for position, Amber wraps her beefy arms around his neck and tosses Chris to the mats, instantly getting on top. Chris prevents Amber from getting on top, so she easily hooks one of his legs, and pulls it out so far in a half grapevine, Chris taps for fear of it breaking. amber hooks both his legs, spreads them wide apart as Chris yelps in pain, and he taps again. With one more stretch he can no longer withstand the pain, and submits. They restart after one person gets 3 consecutive tap outs. Amber easily grabs Chris throwing him down like a little rag doll, mounts him in reverse and scoops his head up between her thighs locking on a scissor. three taps there from her strong scissors and hes done. Amber manages to wrap her arms around Chris’s midsection, and with such power, she squeezes him in almost a bearhug style, and wraps her beefy man crushers around his head adding double the pressure. chris is certainly having a hard time staying out of Amber’s holds, as she repeatedly pins, smothers, facesits and scissors him relentlessly. No matter what hold Amber puts on Chris be it, facesitting, using her double D breasts to smother him, or neck cracking scissors, he was at the mercy of this BBW powerhouse. She spent time breaking down his upper body by pinning and facesitting, and when last fall was called, she locked on a superbly inescapable grapevine making Chris yell out in dire agony.


cplpicsets CMX-CA-197 Amber The Unmerciful



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