CPL-TKM-76 Tillys Tie Up and KO

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Bella and Tilly have faced off before, and neither have much of a liking of each other. Bella has a stubborn attitude that needs some serious adjusting, and Tilly wants to adjust it for her. You can see the determination in their eyes as they prepare to go at one another. On the count of three, Tilly gets taken back by Bella in an all out rush, as she is driven to the mats by her smaller opponent. Before she could completely react Bella was already pinning her down in a facesit. Now Tilly knew that she had to preserve some of her strength if she knew she was going to beat Bella. But as tilly endures more and more smothering facesits, she was running quickly out of breath. Now her cocky opponent starts mocking and making fun of her, saying “your ok, your ok, no need to panic” in a condescending voice. Giving Tilly a few more good forward long facesits she quickly then turns into reverse. Now Tilly was being humiliated from Bella smothering her deep in her ass, sometimes even shaking it and grinding down on her face. A few times Tilly actually held her breath for quite a while, but that was a mistake, she actually frantically panics and nearly runs out of air. As Bella turns to go back into forward, Tilly puts up a valiant fight and slowly starts to overpower Bella. She gets her off and Tilly climbs on top now taking over. Now it was Tilly’s turn to make Bella pay. She gets Bella in a facesit, and Bella fights to get out. Each time Bella gets her head free, Tilly just keeps burying it in her pussy and sitting harder. Bella continues to struggle and get air, but Tilly maintains her place on top, constantly smothering her. Finally Bella was so worn down, her face red from lack of oxygen she ends up going out. Now Tilly uses this opportunity to really humiliate her. Grabbing some ropes Tilly begins by tying Bella’s arms behind her back. When Bella comes to, she is shocked at what’s going on, and says “what are you doing”. Tilly retorts back saying “time to restrain your little ass, that’s what happening”. Bella starts saying no, but Tilly says “well it’s a bit too late to voice your opinion now”, “because it’s happening”. She continues to bind her wrists together, then grabs more rope and starts tying her feet together. Bella tries to wiggle out of the tie, thrashing around, but she’s bound tight. Tilly finishes it with a very tight hog tie, and Bella is helpless now, as Tilly says to her “i am going to take my time now”. She rolls Bella onto her back then facesits her in forward. Then Tilly gives Bella another dose of her ass turning in reverse burying her face in her ass cheeks. Now it was time to completely finish off Bella and Tilly mounts Bella’s face in forward and stays on top until Bella goes out for a second time in the match. Bella has now been dominated and utterly humiliated by Tilly as she lay under her, totally out. The match seemed to be a battle of facesitting, and Tilly came out on top.


3 thoughts on “CPL-TKM-76 Tillys Tie Up and KO”

  1. Tilly has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in that Sexy Black Bra & White Thong Panties & i absolutely love her Front & Reverse Facesit on Bella!

  2. I applaud Tilly for dominating & Humiliating Bella by Hog Tieing Her Arms & Legs Together & Sitting on her Face!

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