BWW-028 Choke On Your Thong

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Bella and Tilly go against each other for the last time in this match. Tilly, topless and wearing a thong is on the mats, while Bella is on the mats standing in front of her in her thong and top. Before the match could even begin, Bella grabbed Tilly by the hair and tosses her down, catching her and the camera person off guard. Bella was seeking revenge from their last encounter where Tilly stripped nude and literally fed Bella her pussy over and over smothering her. Before Tilly could react Bella was already sitting on her face. she shakes her pussy saying “how do you like MY pussy now” and dishes out long facesits. Tilly calls her a bitch, which was the wrong thing to say to Bella. Tilly was smothered for so long each time we thought she had gone out, and Bella told her to open her mouth. As she opens her mouth, Bella rams her fingers down Tilly’s throat, g@gging her with them. You could hear Tilly ch0king on them as Bella digs them down her throat deeper and deeper. Bella pulls her fingers out wiping them all over Tilly’s face now. Bella continues to alternate from finger g@gging to forward facesits really hammering it on Tilly, breaking her down.

Now switching to reverse facesitting, Bella makes Tilly rub and squeeze her ass while she smothers her. When Tilly stopped rubbing her ass, Bella pulled up on Tilly’s thong giving her a huge frontal wedgie. Tilly said fuck you to Bella, and Bella dished out more punishment yet again on her. From more wedgies to nearly fucking Tilly’s face off, Bella demanded an apology, and Tilly conformed, apologizing to Bella. the problem was, Bella did not believe her. Getting off Tilly she reached back and took Tilly’s thong off, and climbed back into a tight schoolgirl pin. Tilly was whimpering and almost in tears now as she lay naked beneath Bella. Bella balled up the thing and said to Tilly” since you liked putting your pussy in my face”, “it would be nice for you to eat your own underwear”. Bella shoves the whole thing in Tilly’s mouth, and said “how does your pussy taste” and sits back down on her face. Bella was looking for a bit of pleasure so she started gyrating on Tilly’s face, as Tilly moves her head slowly back and fourth trying to help Bella get off. Bella does this for almost the last few min of the end of the video. Seeing that Tilly had learned her lesson and was punished enough, Bella pulls the thong out of her mouth and puts it across Tilly’s face, looking down at her calling her pathetic.


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  1. two beautiful brunettes where each one has already tasted the cunt of both. I would like to see tilly, facing maxxi, would be another bitch at the service of pleasures maxxi certainty would detonate with tilly, just as she does with the bella

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