CPL-CS-001 J-Lynn Demolishes Emma

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CPL-CS-001 J-Lynn Demolishes Emma- We decided to dig out a wicked classic and add it. This video shows J-Lynn facing off against the tough Emma. J-Lynn was in her prime and ready to take on anyone. After a brief struggle at the start, J-Lynn whips Emma to the mats jumps on top quickly locking on a painful grapevine breast smother pin. Emma tapped fairly quickly, from there J-Lynn slides up right into a facesit pin. Struggling beneath J-Lynn, Emma is desperate for air. After multiple taps, J-Lynn spins into reverse shoving her tight ass down hard onto Emma’s face. As J-Lynn went to transition, she made the mistake of getting off Emma, then she pounced.

J-Lynn finds herself now with Emma on top going in for a facesit of her own. As J-Lynn bucked and squirmed she tossed Emma to the side, but with quick reflexes Emma locks on a painful body scissor. J-Lynn taps, and fights through the pain as she is able to get on top again. Emma and J-Lynn both go back and fourth now with leg spreading grapevines, and face sitting. Both girls are fighting hard and it’s clear they are both tiring. J-Lynn finally gets the upper hand making sure Emma’s face is buried either deep in her pussy, or in her ass. Emma suffers lengthy face sits, leaving her gasping for air each tap. J-Lynn ask her if she is finished, and Emma said no. With more facesits wearing Emma down now, J-Lynn asks her again “so you done you want more”? Emma without hesitation said “yes” to more not wanting to quit. J-Lynn obliges giving her just that, more pussy in the face smothering. Finally Emma quits and J-Lynn sits on her throat. Then she goes to stand up, then goes right back down onto Emma face again. Sitting on Emma’s face she stays there then she says so your finished, Emma said yes again. J-Lynn stands up and walks away leaving a breathless Emma on the mats.

5 thoughts on “CPL-CS-001 J-Lynn Demolishes Emma”

  1. J-Lynn has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in that sexy outfit & i absolutely love her Grapevine & Breastsmother Pin & her Forward & Reverse Facesits on Emma!

  2. First of all, All That I just want to say is that I absolutely love the way J-Lynn Whipped Emma to the Mats & Locked her in a Painful Grapevine Breastsmother Pin & not to mention i absolutely love the way J-Lynn Slides up into a Facesit Pin & Second of all I absolutely love the way J-Lynn Spins into a Reverse Facesit Pin & Shoves her tight ass down hard onto Emma’s Face & also I absolutely love the way J-Lynn gets the upper hand by making sure that Emma’s Face is buried in her pussy or in her ass & Finally I absolutely love the way J-Lynn Finishes Emma off with one more pussy in the face Smothering!

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