BWW-015 Maxxi’s Little Ass Slave

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Maxxi is an extremely dominant girl who stops at nothing to get what she wants, and if you do not listen she will make you suffer. She steps onto the mats today dressed in her cute lace thong and bra ready to take on Bella. When they lock up and fight for control, Bella actually loses her own balance and falls. So Maxxi takes full advantage of that, and slowly works her way on top into a reverse facesit. Once fully planted, Maxxi begins giving Bella a real does of what her ass is like all over her face. With her tanned perfectly toned ass, she tells Bella to give it a massage while she is down there, refusing to do so, Maxxi instills more ass in the face smothering, even sometimes ignoring Bella’s taps. Maxxi shakes her ass in Bella’s face, and even turns around grabs her own ass and says “you look pretty under their, under this nice juicy ass”. Bella’s blonde tormentor was relentless with the smothering, hearing Bella gasp majorly for air when she lifts up. Maxxi did not let up, she takes her little victim’s hands and makes her grab her ass, worshiping it, making Maxxi quite ecstatic, and somewhat turned on. Maxxi twerks, and rubs her ass all over Bella’s poor little face, grinding her ass down hard with full weight facesits, really burying Bella’s face deep in her ass crack.  With Bella being to rub Maxxi’s ass, nearing the end Maxxi makes Bella kiss her ass cheeks in order to be let go. Looking satisfied Maxxi finally lets Bella go, and steps away in hopes of having another encounter again, another time. This is sexy as hell, and watching Maxxi rub, twerk and make Bella play with her ass was truly divine. 

cplpicsets BWW-015 Maxxi's Little Ass Slave


3 thoughts on “BWW-015 Maxxi’s Little Ass Slave”

  1. bella, she must be loving Maxxi with her perfect, sexy ass in the face. Maxxi should have vinalized, beautiful woman lave her whole body.

  2. Maxxi has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in that cute little laced bra & thong & i absolutely love her Reverse Facesit on Bella

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