CPL-PLP-006 Playmate’s New Playtoy

PREVIEW DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO Bella and Maxxi meet up again for yet another match. This time Maxxi wanted to take things to a whole new level. She is very sexually aroused when she wrestles with Bella, and loves to dominate and humiliate her. Maxxi wasted […]

CMX-MM-2 Dual Military Smother Brats

PREVIEW DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO Chadam is up against a power team of beauties, Maxxi and Bella. Both are wearing sexy military style thongs, hats and tops, not to mention high heeled boots. He is in for a real “ass” whooping as he prepares to take […]

CPL-VF-66 Maxxi’s First Fem Fem Facesitting

Maxxi is an absolutely gorgeous girl with her tanned body, long blonde hair and her feisty attitude. She is challenged by Bella in a facesitting match, that she happily accepts. Even as they face off, Maxxi’s face is filled with sheer confidence, with Bella figuring […]


ACTIVE: Yes (SPECIAL REQUEST ONLY) Height: 5’5 Weight: 105 lbs Wrestling skills: mixed, fem fem, semi-competitive, Favorite moves: facesitting, chokes, headscissors, H.O.M  

CMX-JC-04 The Barbie Doll Beating

Chadam was approached by Maxxi, who is a gorgeously stunning blonde model, to do some photoshoots. Well once they had finished all their shoots for the day, Chadam did not want to pay her and Maxxi grew quite upset now. Chadam stood there with a pile […]