KOA-0129 Paige’s Stinkface KO

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Paige is a well built and stacked girl who is strong, and when it comes to wrestling guys she certainly dishes out the humiliation. Paige sets the tone to this match stepping out in her little thong and blue bra ready for showing chadam a thing or two on the mats. Paige uses brute force as she takes chadam down literally plowing into him like a freight train.  Once she secures him to the mats, the domination commences. Chadam spends a lot of time under Paige being completely face sat, and smothered. This is one of her many tactics used to break him down to defeat him. Paige switches to using various head scissors, some that leave him in agonizing pain. Paige wraps her tree trunk sized thighs around his head as he can feel the absolute power and strength cut off oxygen flow to the brain rather quickly.

Chadam had a hard time trying to break free, and the more he struggled the more Paige poured on the pressure. Paige also loves to use the reverse face sit as she rams his face deep into her ass, almost using his nose as a natural butt plug, cutting off all his air. Chadam struggles between breaths just to keep from going out. There is no escaping the power of Paige the pulverizer. Chadam was spent, exhausted and out of fight and Paige ends this match in a unique way. She drags chadam up to a sitting position, placing him against the wall, stands in front of him with her ass facing him, and slowly backs her ass up into his face. Paige stink faces chadam into submission, and goes even one step further and actually puts him out with it. Chadam drops to the mats, as Paige stands victoriously posing over top his now limp body, as she flexes her sexy muscles. Yet another showcase of female superiority from Paige.

cplpicsets KOA-0129 Paige's Stinkface KO

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