CPL-WM-74 The Slicked Up K.O.

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CPL-WM-74 The Slicked Up K.O. This video has Bella and Arianne all slicked up in oil facing off in the pool. Both girls are dressed in bikini’s and the match gets rather slippery for both. Arianne is known to be mean, and has extremely powerful scissors. She manages to trap Bella in a few and Bella’s face turned almost purple from the pressure. Bella dished out her own forms of humiliation and punishment with long face sits, and scissoring. Arianne never skipped a beat when she applied her straight legged reverse head scissor. Bella was in severe pain and agony as Arianne locked those neck crushers on. Bella and Arianne both go back and fourth gaining submissions on each other, but it looks as though Bella was running out of steam. From that point on, Arianne had Bella right where she wanted her. With more one good reverse head scissor clamped on, Bella was tapping out, but Arianne refused to let go.

As she squeezed tighter and tighter, Bella’s taps got weak until her arms fell to her sides. Arianne releases her head and it hits the mats. As Bella was coming to, Arianne was already pinning her in a tight schoolgirl pin, and with no hesitation she goes for the face sit. Now Arianne was just taunting and being harsh with Bella. Arianne spins into reverse shoving her ass into Bella’s face, smothering her. There was nothing Bella could do now as she lay helplessly trapped beneath Arianne. Seeing Bella had no fight left in her, Arianne positions herself into her famous reverse straight legged scissor. Bella’s struggles were futile, as she only knew what was coming as she tapped but Arianne would not release her. Then, out Bella goes, for the second time. Arianne turns into forward, sits on Bella’s throat and poses while trash talking her.

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  1. omg seeing Ariannes whole boob pop out the bikini was so dam sexy, sexiest moment of any arianne vid, she has amazing breasts, now we just need aubrey to do the exact same match with same boob pop out lol

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