CMX-VK-27 -The Power Team

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CMX-VK-27 -The Power Team   Arianne and Bella both team up today against the wimpy Chris. He was literally forced to do this clip because he knew there was no way he could beat either girl.  Both girls wanted to tear him apart, and that is the other reason he was nervous. They play rock paper scissor to see who goes first, and Bella was up. Chris was pretty cocky as he shoves Bella around a bit but she traps him in a rib crushing scissor guillotine choke that gets her first tap. they both struggle for position and chris is feeling a bit more confident until Bella puts him in his place. Arianne was cheering from the sidelines, waiting for Bella to make him tap 3 times so she could jump in. Bella secures on a face sit after Chris struggles to break free, then Arianne jumps in.

Quickly getting behind chris, Arianne wraps her arms around his neck and squeezes 2 fairly quick taps out of Chris, leaving him winded on the mats. they position themselves on their knees after the second tap, and struggle for top spot. Arianne gets chris pinned down, holds his arms, and sits on his face for the final tap. Bella and Arianne go in and out, each scoring numerous taps from Chris with body scissors, head scissors, and face sits. At the end they both jump in, Arianne holds Chris and Bella tries to facesit him, she gets a tap, and he had to struggle to fend off both girls. That obviously didn’t work for him, he completely lost to both these younger fit girls, leaving him pinned and humiliated as they flex on top of him.

cplpicsets CMX-VK-27 -The Power Team

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