BWW-022 Total Mat Destruction

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Bella steps up her wrestling game in this clip. She is focused, on point, and ready to inflict some serious damage stepping onto the mats in her skin tight shorts, wrestling shoes, and sports top. Bella has been practicing her grappling skills, and is ready to utilize them to her full potential here. Chadam was no quite expecting the power and fighting aggression that Bella was about to dish out. Bella was on the offence from the start, chadam tries to go low and sweep her legs out from under her. Bella counters with a headlock partial armbar roll over take down.

She climbs on top and goes for the face sit. Chadam struggles to breathe, and has to tap, but tries hard the next 2 times to fight off the face sits. That eventually fails, as Bella secures on two more face sit taps, and releases him. The next take down was jut as strategic as the first. This time Bella traps him in half guard, and reefs on his arm, locking on a partial kimura. Chadam struggles to break free, but Bella uses her legs and wraps them around his waist in a body scissor and works over his arm. She gets her 3 taps just from the kimura nearly snapping his arm. After releasing him, Bella has figured out his tactics when he restarts. He goes low once again this time Bella jumps up and wraps her legs around his neck and head. It was mere seconds before he tapped from the pressure. Bella then grabs his arm yet again and puts it behind his back, stands on her toes and squeezes again.

Chadam tries to keep his balance with Bella hanging off him as he uses his one free arm to try and pry her legs apart. The pressure was too much and he taps again. Bella taunts him as she lunges at him using a headlock take down, now using side control. Bella gets a quick breast smother tap, then moves into a schoolgirl pin. Securing his arms above his head, Bella tries for another face sit submission. chadam fought hard to not tap, so Bella moves to an armbar. Fighting the pain, chadam was just being stubborn, until the pain became unbearable and was made to tap again, before she snaps his arm. They both get to their knees as Chadam tries to shake off the pain his arm was in, and with lightning fast reflexes Bella jumps on him, slips behind and wraps her well toned legs around his neck. Pulling back hard on his chin she also squeezes as his face instantly went beat red. Bella was all smiles as she continued to scissor him until she got her next two taps.

The next fall Bella uses a reverse style headlock and traps chadam arm under her, a very unique and highly effective move that almost had him go out rather fast if he didn’t tap. That move alone left him baffled and winded. You can tell Bella was breaking him down, while she was still full of energy. Her next few taps and submissions came from a reverse face sit, a very intense rear naked ch0ke, and a forward seated face sit. Her next move was unusual as well, she used a variation of the japanese ch0ke using his own arm against him as she sat on his back pulling up cutting off his air. Chadam was near lifeless as she grabs him by his throat and throws him down. Bella uses a seated triangle that she turned into a face sit, then a full weight face sit. Chadam had no fight left in him as Bella smothered what little energy he had left out of him.

Bella taunted, teased and toyed with him as she face sat him un mercilessly until he said he actually gives up. He did not say it loud enough for her so she slaps him and says say it louder, “give the fuck up she yells”. Between breaths he mumbled into her crotch that he gives up. Bella puts a little sadistic twist to the ending of this just to assert her female dominance over him. An action packed clip from start to humiliating finish.


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