KOA-0137-Big Girl Left Breathless K.O

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO Amber and Bella have been having this big vs small feud going on the mats with each video they do. This match is no different and Amber certainly does not want to lose to a smaller opponent, again. Bella and Amber face […]

CMX-CA-197 Amber The Unmerciful

  DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO Amber faces off with skinny boy Chris in this clip. Amber outweighs Chris by almost 40lbs, and she plans on using that to her advantage. Amber is a power house BBW, and Chris tries to push her down at the start. […]


ACTIVE: NO Height:  5’8 Weight:  175lbs Wrestling skills:  mixed, fem fem, semi-competitive, competitive, pincount, pin submission Favorite moves: facesit, breastsmother, reverse pin  

SAV-027 Bella’s Big Girl Destruction

Bella and Amber face off in this battle of sizes. Amber outweighs Bella by more than 50 lbs and is much taller. Bella does not back down from any opponent and she proves herself in this clip. Amber gets the jump off in the start, […]

CPL-WM-011 Bella Gets Mauled and Smothered

Amber is taking on smaller opponent Bella in this great match up. Amber really outweighs Bella, and stands alot taller too. This match they start standing up and as they face one another amber does the unthinkable. They lock arms and struggle for position, but […]