CMX-BB-669 Merciless Maxxi

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Category: Mixed Wrestling, New
Full Video: 13 Minutes
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Sexy playboy model Maxxi is back on the mats again showing her little male victim who is the boss. Dressed in a sexy one piece thong bodysuit and knee high socks she is ready to pounce. When Maxxi hits the mats she is hell bent on inflicting pain and humiliation. Her lust for sheer domination prevails throughout her clips as she shows her superiority. At the ready position Maxxi throws some punches towards chadam to deek him out, hesitates a slight bit waiting for him to advance, then takes him to the mats. Wasting no time Maxxi jumps on his face then says “lets see you get out of this one”. His arms pinned under her knees and shins he tries to push her off, but she just presses her crotch down harder onto his face. She continually smothers him over and over, until he could no longer take it, and he actually goes out. Maxxi laughs at him waiting for chadam to come to, she has an opportunity to get him into a trach scissor now. Not fully aware of whats going on, Maxxi jerks her legs together causing chadam to make some pretty strange noises as the grip tightens. She really clamps down around his neck, then pulls and twists one of his ears. she then re positions the scissor and tells him to massage her ass while she squeezes him. Since her legs are so powerful, the grip is making chadam cringe, and instead of massing he just grabs at her ass instead. Maxxi unleashes a slap to the head yelling at him saying” I said massage my ass NOT grab it” Maxxi continues to clamp her thighs around his neck and keep the pressure on. To make matters worse for him, she applies a hand over mouth now to increase the threshold. Unfortunately that was too much for chadam to bear, and he goes out again. Maxxi then turns around into reverse and gets him in a reverse straight leg scissor. You can see her muscles ripple through her chiseled quads and tanned ass as she snakes the hold on pressing her thighs tight. she now controls and owns him switching from a straight leg to a wicked figure four. The figure four was on so tight, his face went dark red, to almost purple, then out he goes in it. Maxxi was relentless on putting him out. She wants to apply a standing headscissor and drags his weary body up from the mats as he stumbles trying to regain his momentum. Maxxi finally gets on her standing headscissor and what a sexy one it was. Her perfect ten ass and thighs worked him over as she made it look all too easy. Chadam was clearly in pain, suffering, which is exactly what Maxxi wanted. Once she was done with the standing scissor, she just shoves him down on his back to the mats and jumped on him in full weight. The jump literally winds chadam as she stomps on his arms keeping them pinned under her feet, as she slides up spread eagle into a facesit.  Maxxi uses his face as her new seat looking down watching his eyes fill with terror. With laods of facesitting chadam struggles to catch his breath, there are times you can hear him beg her to stop and say no, but that just makes Maxxi go even more. Eventually he goes out for a third time, this time with a full weight facesit. He lays exhausted on the mats, breathing heavily, then slowly comes to, Maxxi sitting on his chest patiently waiting. Once he starts to moan and come to, Maxxi turns into reverse and now shoves her ass in his face, sumo squat style. Now sitting in fullweight she enjoys the comfort of his nose buried deep in her ass. Chadam barely has any strength to even fight her off, so he has no choice but to take whatever punishement Maxxi was dishing out. she moves into a regular reverse facesit, shaking and slapping her ass , all over his face. As her final move, she turns into a forward facesit, burying his nose one last time in her crotch. Sealing off his ability to breathe, she just plays the waiting game and smothers him into dreamland again. Leaning back now she just smiles at her amazing defeat, and asks him “want to do it again?” Barely audible he mumbles no, but Maxxi obviously was not finished with him. She slides up onto his face, pinning his wrists to the mats and smothers him out one last time. She stays on his face a few seconds more after he goes out to make sure he will not get up anytime soon. She slides back sitting on his chest, and flexes her muscles, striking a beautiful pose, and perfect smile after delivering destructive smothers and scissors. 



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