CMX-PM-69 Playmate Smother Bully

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Maxxi is a smoking hot woman, chiseled body, tanned, muscular and extremely fit. When it comes to wrestling she is on point with her domination and know just hoe to humiliate opponents. Maxxi has no boundaries or mercy when it comes to wimps. Chadam got to his knee to get ready, and Maxxi just stood there and put her foot on his knee, there was no count, she just demanded that he lay down for her. He looked at her with surprise then said all cocky like ” make me”. That was his first mistake. Maxxi then rushes at chadam and takes him to the mats. Once down, she crawls over his in reverse, and lowers her perfectly shaped ass down onto his face smothering him. When he finally needed air he tapped, but Maxxi took her sweet time getting up to let him breathe. She then lays down and gets him into a reverse headscissor.

All he could feel was her thighs tense up around his neck and the pressure was unbearable. she squeeze quite a few times, and even shakes her ass as she applies even more pressure almost making him go out. After making chadam panic, she spins around on his chest sitting in full weight, telling him to keep his head down. He begs her saying, no no, as she inches herself closer and closer to his face. Lifting up a slight bit, Maxxi drops down covering his mouth and nose burying it in her tiny bikini covered pussy. she even lays back enjoying every minute of sitting on his face in full weight. After hoards of smothering, chadam was gasping as MAxxi looks down and says “how you doing down there”. chadam responds by saying ” i need a breath”, Maxxi just giggles and slides back up saying “too bad” and facesits him again. Maxxi is literally using his face as her new found seat, finding it rather comfortable. To make matter worse, Maxxi grabs his head, and falls to the side, trapping him in a headscissor. You can hear him begging her not to squeeze, then with a full burst she squeezes, he handles as much has he could then taps. She looks at him and says “you don’t look like your doing too good, this isn’t a fair fight, I am basically torturing you”. “You don’t like it when I squeeze my legs” chadam responding “no, it hurts” Again she tightens the grip, chadam making all sorts of painful sounds. Maxxi even does snapping scissors, loosening, then tightens fast, then loosens.

Chadam’s face was purple, she twirls her hair saying “just thinking about the dinner I’m going to have tonight” chadam saying “please don’t squeeze” Maxxi’s response “oh I forgot you were in there” and blasts another scissor. Maxxi then locks on an extremely tight figure four scissor, squeezes and applies a hand over mouth. she reverts from a figure four to a straight leg scissor and hand over mouth each time, making sure chadam pays the price. Winded, and seriously out of breath, Maxxi rolls chadam onto his back sitting on his chest again, Chadam barely coherent. Maxxi goes back to making herself comfortable on his face in a full weight facesit, depriving him of much needed oxygen yet again. Chadam has suffered major air deprivation and was on the verge of going out, barely able to stay conscious, Maxxi pins his arms under her feet now. As she was sitting on his face, she asked “are you going to tap out”, and just as he did he drifted for a moment. Maxxi slaps his face and goes right back to sitting on it again. Looking straight down at him as he struggles, she just keeps saying “bye, bye” and with no fight left in him, he finally goes out. Maxxi sits back on his chest, with a huge smile on her face, and flexes on top of her now out victim. she had smothered him into dreamland, the job was now completed. 

cplpicsets CMX-PM-69 Playmate Smother Bully

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