CPL-JSJ-99 Maxxis Easy Target

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CPL-JSJ-99 Maxxis Easy Target  Maxxi takes on Bella in one of their first ever clips. This is a glimpse into seeing just how mean and sadistic Maxxi can be, and how she became. Maxxi grabs Bella and plows her down to the mats and wastes no time pinning her down. Bella was taken back by her power as she now struggles beneath this hot blonde trying to escape her grasp. Maxxi works her way closer to sitting on Bella’s face, keeping her weaker brunette opponent secured tightly to the mats. Dressed in her extremely tight cut off jean shorts, Maxxi looks amazingly sexy dominating Bella. Maxxi creeps closer and closer to Bella’s face, then shoves her denim clad covered pussy into her face smothering her. Bella’s arms are detained and she has no way out but to just tap. Maxxi also flips into reverse, giving Bella a clear view of her perfect ass, and a much closer look by shoving it in her face. Bella’s face is now buried in Maxxi’s ass cheeks as she taps looking for air. There was not a whole lot Bella could do here, as she was under total control of this super sexy playboy model. There was no way out for Bella, and she was made to just give up to her prettier and more powerful opponent. Bella is sure to want her revenge, but for now, Maxxi is the dominating force to deal with.


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  1. Maxxi has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in those Extremely Tight Cutoff Jeans with the Black Bra & i absolutely love her Humilating Facesit on Bella!

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