CPL-KJC-6 The Blonde Thrashing

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Maxxi is a cheerleader for Bella’s football team, this being the last game of the season Bella made the whole team lose, and Maxxi is upset. Maxxi is now about to make Bella pay for this mistake, even though Bella thinks she was not the one who made everyone lose, Maxxi knew it was. It was payback time and after a brief word exchange and scuffle, Maxxi takes Bella down. Once she pins Bella she is still blaming Bella, then she moves up into a facesit. Shutting Bella up was Maxxi’s main goal now, so she continually smothers her. Not wanting to admit anything, Maxxi gives Bella 2 choices now, she can either get tied up, or allow Maxxi to put on the MMA gloves. Bella said to Maxxi all cocky ” put on the gloves, let’s see what you got”. So Maxxi did just that, and Bella would soon realize she made a major mistake. As Maxxi gets the gloves on, she drags Bella across the mat, then gives her a solid gut shot before pinning her down again. Bella’s arms were pinned above her head as Maxxi starts hitting her arms and head then her legs and body all the while sitting on her face. She threatens to KO Bella while smothering her, before extending her legs out and getting into a full weight facesit, burying Bella’s face deep in her crotch. Bella struggles for air, as Maxxi sits back into a normal facesit, then gives Bella some more body and leg shots.  Now Maxxi turns into reverse and locks Bella’s head tight in her ass, dishes out some more punches, then grabs Bella’s tits and nipples twisting them. Bella kept trying to escape as Maxxi was trying to KO her in a reverse facesit. Bella was desperate for air, as Maxxi would punch her from time to time in the legs, stomach and even pussy, then gives Bella a front wedgie. After heavy amounts of reverse smothering, Maxxi gets off Bella and goes back into froward again, becoming upset with her now. From here on in, Maxxi would use full weight facesits and sumo squat facesits, and if Bella got any air at all, she would aggressively slam her pussy back down smothering her, grabbing her by the hair. On top of that she would continually give Bella some pretty solid body shots. Bella was winded and obviously had no chance against her much hotter cheerleader opponent. Finally Bella admits that she lost, and lost the game, but Maxxi jut was not satisfied with that anymore. Her whole intention was to put Bella out, so she sits back down hard full weight onto Bella’s face and watches her struggle for air. Finally Bella stopped moving but Maxxi stayed on her face at least 5 seconds more just to make sure she was finished once and for all. She picks up Bella’s arms off the mats, let’s them go, and the collapse all limp back onto the mats. Maxxi then stands up, kicks Bella as she walks away all victorious. What a sexy dominant match this was from start to epic finish. 



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