CPL-KJT-02 You Wont Defeat Me

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CPL-KJT-02 You Wont Defeat Me  Bella is challenged again by the super hot playboy model, Maxxi. Looks can be deceiving as Maxxi packs a lot of power, and is quite strong, something Bella will soon find out in this clip. As they lock up Bella quickly gets the upper hand and throws Maxxi to the mats. She then mounts her in a tight schoolgirl pin, then directly into a facesit. Maxxi stays calm as she can seemingly hold her breath for a long time. Eventually she has to tap, and Bella barely gets up to allow her to catch a breath. Maxxi now starts to fight harder as they trash talk one another. Bella tries to maintain her position on top getting on another facesit before Maxxi has a burst of energy and throws Bella off her. Now the tables are turned, and Maxxi finds herself on top rather quickly now pinning Bella. Maxxi turns around into reverse and applies a straight leg scissor. You can see the muscles rippling as she clamps down around Bella’s head and neck. She manages to hold the scissor on and gets numerous taps out of Bella. But as she slightly loosens her grip, Bella easily escaped reversing the hold now on Maxxi as she sits in reverse right on Maxxi’s face. she fights hard to escape from under Bella but she is unable to get her off. Bella switches from a reverse facesit to a knotted reverse figure four head scissor. She goes from that to a straight leg scissor as Maxxi holds on not wanting to tap. Bella made the mistake of trying to turn onto her side, then Maxxi escapes and jumps on top of Bella now. Putting her arms high above her head, Bella is trapped between the thighs of this sexy model’s legs, as she slides up and sits on Bella’s face. Bella struggles beneath Maxxi, as she calmly sits on her face adjusting her hair, depriving Bella of much needed air. Maxxi punishes Bella with long grueling facesits and a few hand over mouth smothers before rolling to her side trapping Bella in a scissor. Bella fights to break out, and eventually it pays off, as Maxxi can no longer hold her. They both get to their knees and fight for position. Bella pushes Maxxi’s head to the mats and locks on a beautiful trach scissor, putting Maxxi in a very uncomfortable spot now. They continue with their trash talking, as Maxxi works her way out of the trach scissor and is now stuck facing Bella’s ass between her thighs. Maxxi taps a few times from the pressure, but she really made Bella work for them. Maxxi finally works herself free breaking Bella’s legs apart, as they struggle again to get one another down. Maxxi finally tosses Bella onto her back, and jumps directly on her face in a reverse facesit. Bella’s face is now buried in Maxxi’s well toned shapely ass, humiliated as she could not escape. Both girls are now exhausted from being scissored and smothered and Maxxi tries to do a transition but Bella gets free. The last take down Maxxi gets a tired Bella down and locks on one last painful scissor, extracting some taps and a verbal submission from Bella. This was Maxxi’s toughest match against Bella, and it looks like she prevails again the winner.  Maxxi releases the scissor saying ” I win” with a big smile on her face flexing her muscles, as Bella looked completely humiliated and upset at her loss.


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  1. maxxi always takes the best on bella, this shows haa her superiority.Bella has to kiss the feet of maxxi and say that she is his queen and owner.

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