KOA-0156 The Blonde Bully

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Bella was resting on the mats between shoots, and was rather tired from previous matches. Well Maxxi walks in and starts to taunt and pick on Bella. It was clear Bella had no intentions of wanting another match, but Maxxi was relentless as she walks around Bella, grabbing her then putting her on her back. Maxxi was anxious to dominate Bella as she climbs on top of her, then slides right up to facesit her. Bella does not seem to have the strength nor the power to fight off Maxxi’s facesitting attack. Maxxi continually buries Bella’s face in her crotch, her nose buried deep in Maxxi’s denim clad pussy. She spends quite some time facesitting Bella, and even uses full weight smothers to inflict maximum pain, all the while she verbally abuses Bella. Maxxi decides that it’s time for Bella to have a dose of her ass, turns in reverse and slams her perfectly shaped ass in Bella’s face. Maxxi looks back with an evil little smirk on face seeing Bella’s face under her ass. As Maxxi turns back into forward, she stares down at Bella grabbing her by the throat, then rams her massive tits into Bella’s face breast smothering her. You can hear Bella moan and whimper as her oxygen is cut off. Bella starts to panic when Maxxi completely ignores her taps, staring with seductive eyes into the camera. Bella narrowly escapes going out as she just gets her head turned in time to catch a big breath before going out. Maxxi drags Bella on the mats then slams herself down right on Bella’s face again. Bella is wore down massively now as Maxxi uses Bela’s face now as her seat. There were times when Maxxi completely ignored Bella tapping, looking for air. MAxxi is sadistic, and loves to punish Bella. Maxxi works Bella’s head tight in her thighs, then falls to her side getting on a side headscissor. Maxxi uses one of Bella’s hair elastics to snap her in the face with while she was trapped in her scissor. After multiple taps Maxxi goes back to more facesitting. During that time, Maxxi uses a reverse facesit, and throws in a hand over mouth while Bella was stuck beneath her. Bella stands no chance of every escaping, as Maxxi goes back into forward to finish Bella off. Maxxi pins Bella’s arms tight, and covers her whole face smothering her saying “it’s time to go night”. Bella panics under Maxxi, frantically banging her feet trying to get Maxxi off. There was no way out now for Bella, except drifting off into dreamland. Once she was out, Maxxi poses for the camera and her fans, and proceeds to sit on Bella’s face AGAIN while she was still out!!. Looks like Bella did not fair out so well in this clip against her blonde bully as she was KO’d.


cplpicsets KOA-0156 The Blonde Bully

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