CMX-SRT-08 Maxxi The Sadistic Schoolgirl

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This video is a stunning display of beauty, power, and straight up evilness. Maxxi does not look the part to be a sadistic sort of girl. But she loves to punish and humiliate her opponents, whether they are male or female. Chadam goes to start off on his knees, as Maxxi stands on front of him. Before they can even begin their match she tells him to get down and kiss her feet. He laughs and says “I don’t think so”. That just angered Maxxi and she grabs him by the hair and says KISS THEM…..making him kiss her feet a few times before throwing him onto his back. She jumps on top of him sits in full weight putting her feet on his hands and says ” now warm my feet up”. Maxxi then tell him to stop moving his legs or she will punch him in the balls. She is exerting her female dominance over chadam showing him who is the one in control. If he didn’t listen he would certainly be punished for his actions. She dishes out long breath depriving full weight facesits, even making him kiss her ass cheeks. Maxxi has a dark dominatrix side that she loves to bring out on the mats. Chadam lay beneath her, under her control as she reaches down and does a hand over mouth smother, while using her other hand to wrap around his throat blocking his airflow two different ways. She then tell him to open his mouth as she rams her fingers down his throat, totally emasculating him, then spits in his face. Jumping right back into a full weight facesit, all you can see is his face buried in her pussy. Maxxi just sits on his face relaxing while she takes his breath away. Letting him breath, Maxxi takes her foot and puts it in chadams face and tells him to smell it, then proceeds to foot smother him with both feet. He moans under her, as she pinches his nose closed between her toes and tells him to shhhhh… Moving into a reverse facesit, she tells him to massage her legs while she facesits him. Maxxi then grabs his hand and bites his fingers hard, his cries muffled in her ass. Continuing to reverse facesit him, Maxxi turns into forward, but leans down drapes her elbow across his throat, and puts her hand over his mouth. She then says “I don’t want to hear anything come out of your fucking mouth”. Keeping her elbow rammed into his throat she dishes out two good slaps across his face. She tells him to keep his arms to the side, and for fear of repercussions he listens to what he is told to do. Climbing back on to his face in a forward seated and full weight facesit the smothering continues. She violently shakes her ass all over his face, then crosses her legs saying “no breathing”. Chadam was actually afraid to tap as she finally releases him from the facesit, he gasps for air, seeing stars and feeling light headed now. Maxxi goes back to making him smell her feet, then blocks his breathing again pinching his nose and mouth shut. She shoves her foot back into his throat and calmly watches his face turn red as he struggles for air, then slaps him across the face. Now using her shin she places that across his throat and uses another hand over mouth smother. That was too much for him as he tried to tap her, she threw his arms back to the mats and he quickly realized he fucked up. Chadam apologies hoping she would go easy on him. Maxxi goes back to full weight facesits, and chadam was making weird moaning noises, so she backs up a bit and says ” I needed to take a closer look to make sure you were crying”, “that’s my goal”. She gets off his face and jumps back down quickly, not leaving him enough time to really get much air. MAxxi gives him another foot smother, then does the splits right on his throat, and adds hand over mouth as more punishment. Maxxi rips off her skirt and uses it to smother chadam, placing it over his mouth and nose, pressing down hard. She keeps the skirt over his mouth and nose and moves in for her final full weight facesit. She patiently smothers him and waits until he stops moving. With a mean sexy look, she stares up at the camera and says ” I win” posing and flexing for everyone to see who was victorious. Maxxi is mean, unforgiving and sadistic when she hits the mats, not to mention she loves to watch her victims suffer under her control. This is a lot of men’s dreams that just came to life.

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