CMX-DC-91 Double Crossing KO

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Bella and Maxxi decide to team up against chadam but in a different way this time. Bella had already tied chadam up, both his wrists and legs. Once she was finished she looked at him and said “ok well have fun”, ” I am going to watch this from the sidelines”. Maxxi then stepped out onto the mats wearing amazingly skintight jeans and knee high white high heel boots. She wasted no time getting down to business as she jumps on his face in reverse, burying his nose deep within her ass, smothering him. After a few taps she leans back and extends her legs around his neck in a straight leg reverse scissor. Looking back, she watches his face turning red, as she slaps his face a few times while squeezing. Feeling the pressure he was trying to tap, but his hands were tied, as Maxxi continued to scissor him. She rolls to her side, keeping his head locked in tight between her thighs, and even lifts her leg up and rams his face into her pussy closing her legs around his neck and face now. Being smothered and squeezed, chadam was in trouble now as Maxxi taunts and belittles him. Maxxi says ” I fucking love this, this is awesome, your tied up, you can’t tap, can’t talk” as she continues to pull his face into her crotch smothering him. She rolls back on top and gives him one more reverse facesit before turning around in forward on him. Maxxi sits full weight and slides up onto his face, she then lifts up her leg and digs her heel into his forehead. Maxxi then kicks his head using her heel before sitting back on his face, shaking and gyrating her ass and pussy all over it. she then extends her legs out forward and sits with all of her weight on his face. Maxxi even looks up at Bella from time to time, smiling as she laces into chadam. She grabbed his hair as she was smothering him full weight telling him to squirm, as he was running out of air. Maxxi loves to punish and dominate him. She goes back into seated full weight as chadam is fighting to get air, Maxxi doing what she could to prevent him from breathing. He could not tap and he could not breathe, and panic mode kicked in a few times with him. she continues her onslaught of t0rturing him, using trach ch0ke scissors, slapping his face, and scissoring combined with hand over mouth smothering. Once Maxxi figured he endured enough of her excruciating scissors and HOM, she mounts his face in a reverse facesit again. Maxxi while facesitting him, uses one hand to wrap around his throat ch0king him, and the other to twist his nipple. Chadam was flailing all over the place, while his moans grunts and yelps were muffled in her denim covered ass. Chadam was able to just barely turn his head to get a small amount of air, but Maxxi fixed that and rammed her ass down onto his face again. This time she never got off his face until he stopped moving, and figured he was done, and lights out for chadam. Maxxi said ” I think I did it, I KO’d him out”, as Bella stepped onto the mats to check if he was out. All proud and happy for doing so, Bella gives Maxxi a high five, but pulls a real cheap bitch move. Bella steps behind Maxxi trapping her in a rear naked ch0ke, and cranks it on tight. Maxxi was saying “no, what are you doing”  as Bella slowly lowered her self onto the mats, Maxxi was slipping away, until she goes out. Maxxi now slumped over in Bella’s lap, Bella looks up and says “no I’m the winner”, and flexes. Bella waited for Maxxi to KO chadam, then turns on Maxxi, and we are sure that once Maxxi comes to and finds out what Bella did, she will be looking for her revenge.   

cplpicsets CMX-DC-91 Double Crossing KO



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  1. bella caught off guard maxxi soon maxxi will give a lesson to those in bella.espero maxxi put a leash on bella and humiliate giving many tapas and hair pulled, do bella confess that maxxi and more than ela.depois let bella bound and naked.

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