CMX-WSC-101 The Playboy Wrestler

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Maxxi hits the mats in her skintight shiny blue wrestling singlet. Now, she is also trained in wrestling herself, so she is eager to put her skills to the test against chadam. Chadam puts up resistance as they start, but Maxxi uses a headlock hip toss to send him to the mats. In a swift move she plants herself on his chest sitting in full weight then pins his arms under her feet while she facesits him, laughing. Chadam struggles beneath her as he taps. Gasping for air, Maxxi tells him to be quiet as she smothers him some more. She continually ignores his taps, making him work for air, then finally gets off him ready to pounce again. Chadam still had stamina and fight left in him this early on and tried to avoid being taken down, but to no avail, Maxxi works him back down onto the mats, this time locking on a straight leg reverse scissor. Maxxi keeps him in the scissor for a bit of time, slowly drawing out taps and releasing him again. Chadam is slow to get up, as Maxxi slaps him in the head taunting him. Once he gets up he tries his hardest to block another take down, but Maxxi with her high school wrestling techniques, she gets him down again. Maxxi climbs into a schoolgirl pin, then slams down into a facesit pressing down hard extracting her taps fairly quick and easily. Jumping off, Maxxi is ready to go again, while chadam lay there still partially dazed. Maxxi tries to pull him up, instead she wraps her legs around his neck in a forward scissor. She squeezes hard as  chadam fights the pain but is unable to handle it and taps. After 3 taps, Maxxi gets back up and waits for Chadam to get to his knees, as he is slower and slower now, weaker and weaker. She literally toys with him as she shoves him back to the mats, jumping on him in reverse then clamping on a reverse straight leg scissor. Maxxi then rolls to her side, as Chadam uses all his force to try and break her legs apart but can’t. She pulls his in tighter and begins to squeeze, you can hear the pain coming from chadam as he makes wincing noises, then taps. With three quick taps, Maxxi lets him go, then grabs his head making him get back up to his knees. Maxxi was giving chadam ample opportunity to fight back and try to get her to tap, but he was now too weak to do so. Maxxi even gives him a bit of extra time to catch his breath as he is slumped over breathing hard, instead she decides to flip slam his ass back onto the mats. She jumps on his chest in full weight stomping on his hands beneath her feet as she moves into a full weight facesit. As she smothers him she patiently waits for him to tap out, and he does so three times nearly in a row. Maxxi gets off him again, grabs him by the arm trying to pull him back up calling him a little bitch, she wraps her arms around his body picking him up as he begs her to stop and slams him hard to the mats, bodyslam style. She climbs over top of him in reverse, wraps her legs around his neck and gets him into a figure four headscissor. As Maxxi begins to squeeze, his eyes filled with pain and panic, as he taps to keep from going out. He loses that round now as she releases him, as he slowly gets to his knees. Maxxi plows him down again mounts his face in a full weight facesit, and gets her three easy taps yet again. This time she stayed on top and wraps her hands around his neck blocking his breathing, watching his face turn beat red. Maxxi then gets one more solid tap with a full weight facesit before getting off him. Chadam tries to get up but Maxxi uses a chokeslam on him bringing him right back down to the mats. She then lifts him up and uses a revere headlock his breathing becomes quite erratic as she tightens the squeeze. She yanks up hard jolting his neck causing him to tap, then drop to the mats holding his throat and coughing. Maxxi takes no pity on him as she mocks him coughing, then slaps him in the head. As chadam gets to his knees he actually taunts her to bring it on, which was obviously a mistake. Maxxi lunges at him jumping on top and landing in a full weight legs extended facesit. Chadam was not even strong enough to push her off as he was too weak and she got her submission taps from him. As Maxxi then jumps off, Chadam rolls to his stomach, barely able to get to his knees, Maxxi just lays down and wraps her legs around his neck in a forward scissor. she combines her headscissor now with some breath depriving hand over mouth smothering. Did not take long for chadam to tap multiple times, as Maxxi lets go and gets back to her knees telling him to come on get up. As he flopped to his stomach, Maxxi tried to get him to get to his knees, but instead throws him to the mats. Maxxi was in reverse and drops her amazingly tight ass down onto his face smothering him. She sits proudly upon it, in wait for his taps again. She is able to get a few taps from him, as she even slams down one last time on his face making him tap, then slapping his head while she gets up. Maxxi continues to mock and humiliate him as chadam was out of breath, and had zero fight left in him. As he gets to his knees Maxxi lands a solid kick to the head on chadam then rushes at him. As he lay stunned on the mats, she gets into a reverse headscissor squeezing his head tight between her muscular thighs. Chadam was almost lights out on her scissors as she got the taps she was looking for. As she gets off him one last time, she grabs him by the neck, and yells at him saying “are you crying, huh? you better not be” as she gets to her knees again. Maxxi takes him down one last time, gets into a reverse headscissor then rolls to her side. As she begins to squeeze, she grabs his nipple and twists it hard, making chadam yelp in pain. His cries of pain were muffled in her headscissors as he was in near panic mode now. It was obvious that chadam was beaten to a pulp, as Maxxi looks into the camera and flexes her biceps, keeping chadam locked in her scissors. What an awesome display of female superiority. 

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