CPL-SHL-34 Stripped and Humiliated Loser

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Maxxi invited Bella to go out to the club with her, and when she arrived she was shocked to see what Bella was going to wear. the banter starts back and fourth as Maxxi slams what Bella is wearing saying she looks like a little church girl. Maxxi told her to go change or take it off, and Bella refused. So Maxxi whips her down and said “fine, I will take it off myself”. She slides up and facesits Bella still trash talking her while Bella suffered beneath her. While Maxxi was smothering her, she reaches back lifting up Bella’s skirt then gives Bella a front wedgie. Bella was being over powered, dominated and quite humiliated by Maxxi. Most times when Bella tapped looking for air, Maxxi just ignored them, or lifted up and went right back down quickly, barely giving Bella any air. Then Maxxi turns into reverse, driving her ass down into Bella’s face, still verbally bashing her. Maxxi is just straight up sadistic as she continues to punish Bella. She reaches behind her, and delivers a good hand over mouth smother making Bella tap a few times. As the reverse facesitting ensued, when Bella turned her head to the side for air, Maxxi simply reached down yanking Bella by the hair, hard putting her face back into her ass. Then maxxi rolls to her side catching Bella in a reverse side scissor, applying pressure hard enough to make Bella tap quite quickly. From there Maxxi pins Bella in forward again dishing out some long punishing forward facesits. Maxxi also uses full weight facesits, driving Bella’s nose into her crotch, then reaches down and uses more hand over mouth smothering. Maxxi stares down into the helpless eyes of Bella who has undergone quite the humiliation at the hands of Maxxi, yet again. After a few more good forward facesits, and making Bella caress her tits, Maxxi was done teaching Bella a lesson in fashion. Rolling Bella onto her stomach now, she rips the dress of her, and pins her on her back again. She facesat Bella until she finally agreed to change her outfit. As Maxxi sits now on her stomach she asked Bella, “will you go change now?” Not answering fast enough Maxxi slaps Bella in the face, and she finally agreed to go change. Maxxi gets up and walks out of the room, leaving Bella there to sulk and whine about getting beat up by Maxxi. 


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