SAV-027 Bella’s Big Girl Destruction

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Bella and Amber face off in this battle of sizes. Amber outweighs Bella by more than 50 lbs and is much taller. Bella does not back down from any opponent and she proves herself in this clip. Amber gets the jump off in the start, and secures Bella down. Amber gets on a tight schoolgirl pin and thrusts her crotch into Bella’s throat making Bella tap out. Trying to keep her position on top, Amber makes one fatal mistake, loses her balance, and Bella works her way out.

From there on in, Bella punishes Amber with forward and reverse face sitting making the larger girl really squirm and gasp for air. Amber also suffers between Bella’s vice like legs trapped in a head scissor. Amber can’t seem to unseat Bella who has a superior pin, is completely over powered. Being dominated and humiliated by her smaller foe was not her initial plan. Amber now has no choice, being stuck and trapped beneath Bella was humiliating and ended up quitting.

cplpicsets SAV-027 Bella's Big Girl Destruction

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