BWW-031 Bella’s Sadistic Fantasy Training Gone Bad

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Bella decided to recruit another girl to perform her Sadistic fantasy training, this time she chose Kiera. Not knowing if she would be up for the part, she decided to hire her to “train” her and test her skills. Kiera starts taking action against chadam, her male victim and Bella starts to tell her what to do. Bella watches closely as Kiera deprives chadam of air, and humiliates him. Bella keeps directing Kiera on what to do, including when chadam taps to not give him any air, make him fight for it. Kiera certainly is enjoying dominating him, as she giggles and stares down at his helpless face rammed in her pussy. Kiera mounts his face in forward and reverse facesits, burying his face deep in her ass and pussy each time. She changes it up to a full weight facesit, adding as much pressure as she could. Throughout the clip, it seemed as though Kiera was going to pass Bella’s test, as she did everything she was told to do. But during the clip, Kiera accidentally KO’s chadam. Well Bella lost her temper and started yelling at Kiera saying “I never told you to KO him”. Well that was Kiera’s final straw, she was not going to tolerate being yelled at and grabbed Bella throwing her down. Kiera instantly applies a facesit on Bella, as she watches her face disappear into her pussy and verbally taunting Bella. Bella was tapping but Kiera had no remorse for Bella, and continued to sit on her face until she was out now. Now both chadam and Bella lay lights out on the mats, as Kiera strikes a pose while sitting on Bella.  

cplpicsets BWW-031 Bella's Sadistic Fantasy Training Gone Bad


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