BWW-008 Night Night Bella

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Sexy thongs, jaw breaking headscissors, and long drawn out facesitting are the major highlights of this spectacular clip. Paige and Bella are set to battle it out on the mats, pulling out all their top notch smothering and scissor skills. Kneeling face to face waiting for the count, they stare completely focused on each other. On three, Paige lunges at Bella and using her sheer brute force, gets Bella in a reverse headlock and send her to the mats. Working her way on top, Paige slams herself down onto Bella’s chest, puts her arms high above her head, and moves into the facesit. Bella slightly caught off guard can do nothing but struggle beneath Paige. Needing air, Bella taps, only to find Paige still repeating the process. Paige was not going easy on Bella and wanted to weaken her quickly. Paige even uses a seated facesit smother, locking Bella’s head tight in her crotch. Paige then rolls to her side, grabbing Bella by the hair pulling her head into her thighs crushing her head with her thick muscular thighs. Bella is now fighting hard to break free from Paige’s grasp, but the more she fights, the harder Paige squeezes. Paige goes for a figure four, but Bella finds an opening and grabs her leg, making it impossible for Paige to connect the hold. Instead, Paige just rolls back on top of Bella pinning her in a brutally tight schoolgirl pin, that has Bella wincing in pain. From there, Paige continues her facesitting, making escape hard for Bella now as her muffled cries go unheard under Paige. Now Paige steps it up a notch spinning into reverse, slamming her ass down onto Bells’s throat. Laying down she gets her crotch firmly planted, and applies hardcore pressure in a north south choke. Bella’s face turns a deep red, almost dark purple from the pressure, not tapping out from that, Paige goes for the figure four headscissor instead. Bella being as stubborn as can be, she was not tapping out. Paige simply straightens her legs and squeezes. Within seconds she had Bella tapping out. Paige taunts Bella saying ” want out next time tap harder”, as she cranks on the pressure. Bella smacks Paige’s ass looking like she was ready for a nap. Paige says “good girl”, and sits up. Bella was in major pain, her facial expressions and moans said it all. Paige covers her face with her ass now, punishing Bella with reverse facesitting. Paige tries again to go for the north south choke, but Bella finds a way to escape. Desperate to get Bella back down they fight hard, this time Bella flipping Paige to the mats. Now it was time for Bella to return the favor as Paige does what she can to ward off Bella’s attack. Bella wanted Paige to suffer for what she had done, and locks her in her famous figure four reverse headscissor. Bella was squeezing so hard it looked like Paige was ready to break down into tears. Bella rolls to her side, keeping the scissor on an applies another knotted scissor. Paige’s emotions were scared, embarrassed, and that turned to slight anger. Bella switches to a straight leg scissor, almost knocking out Paige. She coughs trying to catch her breath from that one scissor. she knew her only option was to fight hard to get out. That back fired as Bella pins her to the mats now. Paige suffers more facesitting that has her exhausted now. With her reserve power, she fights to get out, and ends up in another headscissor. Paige gets mad now and uses her raw emotions to over take Bella. She jumps on top of Bella slamming all her weight onto her chest, as Bella says “ohh someone’s angry now”. Paige was furious for Bella pulling her hair, facesits Bella and bounces down hard on her face. From this point on Bella was being dominated by an angry Paige who keeps her pinned tight dishing out major facesit smothering. Paige even reaches back and grabs Bella’s legs, folding her in a matchbook facesit pin. Then she says “do you like being bent like a pretzel”. Paige releases her legs, looks down and says ” i think I have had about enough of you” grabs her by the hair and slams her crotch down hard onto Bella’s face. Keeping the facesit on, Paige says ” you ready, I think it’s time for night night”. Bella could do nothing as her taps went ignored, she tries to bridge, and buck, but that didn’t work. Bella taps and Paige said ” do you think I’m going to be nice” as Bella fights for air, but instead her body goes completely limp. Even after Bella stopped moving Paige stayed on top just to make sure Bella was finished for good. she slides off Bella sits beside her and poses with a big victorious smile on her face. 


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