CMX-AWP-3 The Birthday Smother

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO CMX-AWP-3 The Birthday Smother  Ashley Wildcat was really depressed about her birthday and how it turned out. Well Sam decided to cheer her up and give her the best gift of all. Sam had a nice little victim tied up under the […]

Ashley Wildcat

(Guest Wrestler) ACTIVE: YES Height- 5’9 Weight- 140 lbs Wrestling skills: semi-competitive, fem fem, mixed, grappling, kickboxing, pincount, pin submission, beatdowns, competitive Favorite moves: headscissors  

KOA-0111 Sadistic Little Slaveboy

Chadam was set to battle it out with Ashley wildcat on the mats, so he was stretching and getting ready. Then, literally out of no where Ashley came bursting in and jumped on him. Dressed in her sexy cheetah print spandex, and matching top she […]

CPL-ASV-09 The Wildcat Smother

Sam steps to the plate to take on 5’9′ 130lb ASHLEY WILDCAT. Sam was very nervous as she had heard that Ashley was one tough girl, and has her signature holds. As they begin, Sam was instantly thrown to the mats caught completely off guard […]

KOA-098 Ashley’s Vicious K.O.

Ashley wildcat hits the mats once again, this time dressed in a gold skin tight bikini. You can see all the muscle definition of her superbly chiseled body. Her legs, lethal, headscissors that would destroy any man. Chadam felt the wrath of her “” and […]