KOA-0123- Age Gap Showdown

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Kristie Etzold was faced with a much younger opponent today, Bella. Kristie is bigger and weighs more than Bella, but Bella was destined to take out Kristie. Kristie is actually blown away when they begin and Bella traps Kristie in a forward headscissor. Bella locks it on, and tightens it into a figure four, really making Kristie squirm to break free. While they continue to struggle, Kristie finally gets herself free, and now has to act quickly. Overpowering Bella now, she swiftly moves into a reverse, pin, hooks Bella’s head and instantly gets her trapped in a reverse figure four rolling to her side now. Using this as a breather, Bella is now stuck between Kristie’s powerful thighs. Kristie pours on the pressure, making Bella tap alot, shifting herself around all the while keeping Bella trapped in her vice like scissor. The action breaks apart, then Kristie catches Bella in a rear naked choke, trash talking her, then clamping on a knotted figure four scissor. Bella now feels the crushing leg power and fear sets in on her face. Bella is trapped for some time in this, and Kristie lets go, Bella jumping on her opportunity to get Kristie again. Bella is keeping up with Kristie, and has her in a fig four scissor herself, making Kristie wince in pain now. That moment was short lived for Bella, Kristie escapes applying a leg lock, and grabbing Bella under the chin pulling up on it. Kristie switches back to her scissors punishing and dominating Bella with ease. Bella makes on last futile attempt at breaking free, dominates Kristie locking on her hardest scissors. Kristie was certainly not going to lose to her much younger rival and fights her way out. Now she locks on her famous reverse figure four headscissor/ smother hold, and Bella is now at her mercy. Kristie squeezes Bella’s head, her muscular legs locked around her neck, while Bella’s face was forced into her ass. Kristie ignored all Bella’s taps, and Bella knew there was no escaping, and not too long after, Bella’s taps came to a grinding halt. Kristie picks up her arm, and it falls limp on the mats, she now sits up in reverse, flexing and gloating her much deserved victory, leaving her younger opponent lifeless on the mats.


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  1. Saw a photo of Kristie years ago applying an amazing figure 4 face smother. Seeing her apply the same hold this many years later is exceptional.

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