CPL-JKV-420 Little Brat Bitch Discipline

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We have all witnessed Janira Wolfe dominate and destroy men, well now Bella wanted the same opportunity. Bella was not physically nor mentally prepared to be dominated nor humiliated by a REAL dominatrix. Janira walks in to the room, her little victim already bound at the wrists and ankles. She is sporting her very tall leather boots, and a black one piece thong. Janira also has her whip and crop with her that she plans on using to inflict maximum pain on Bella. Janira knows exactly how to make non compliant bitches to behave and Bella was on the receiving end of what was about to become her worst nightmare. Janira knows that it will take some extreme discipline to get Bella to listen to her, but that is what she enjoys the most. Janira begins by slowly crawling over to Bella taunting her, saying that she will enjoy this then begins to facesit her. Janira also said that if Bella does not submit when she wants her to, she will make the rest of her existence miserable. Janira means business, as she gets off Bella sits beside her and says “i will give you one more chance to say do you love me”. Bella disobeys Janira and says no. Wrong answer. Janira grabs her crop whip, turns Bella onto her stomach, and begins whipping her ass. Again Janira asks her if she loves her, Bella disobeys yet again. Janira then starts whipping her other ass cheek as Bella tries her best not to scream out in pain. Bella continually keeps saying no while Janira calls her a fucking little brat all the while whipping her ass. the camera pans in on Bella’s ass which was turning a reddish purple color now. Janira kept whipping her so hard it was breaking the skin. Since Bella thought she was so tough, Janira said “I think I will just take your breath away”, as she locks her powerful thighs around her neck. Bella we are sure had drifted off in Janira’s scissors but she was still non compliant. With more forward and reverse facesitting punishment Janira was slowly breaking this little brat down. Janira also sat in a tight schoolgirl pin, used hand over mouth and would not let Bella get any air until she opened her eyes. Finally opening them, Janira knew she was becoming more compliant with her. Janira rolls Bella onto her stomach again this time grabbing her leather flogger and begins whipping her ass. Not even two smacks in, Janira broke off some of the leather tassels hitting Bella so hard with it. Janira notices that one spot on Bella’s ass was not red enough, so she picked up her crop and whipped her ass again. This time Bella was clearly in immense pain, her ass was BEAT RED. Janira notices that her flogger was actually broken into pieces, as she rolled Bella back over, and her eyes were filled with tears. Janira dishes out more forward facesitting along with full weight, taking more breath away from Bella. When Janira got off to ask Bella if she loved her, there was a bit of hesitation, but she still said no, after this vicious beating she just under went. Janira climbs back on top of Bella’s face in a reverse facesit, this time staying on top until you can see Bella squirm and panic beneath her.  When she got off, she asked Bella one last time if she loved Janira, and she complied, as Janira slowly walks away leaving Bella bound on the mats in a heaping destructive mess of pain, agony and sheer defeat. Next time, Bella will obviously be more compliant with an actual REAL dominatrix, so she won’t have to suffer through this again.



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