BWW-014 Ashley vs Bella: The Confrontation

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Well this is it, the match that everyone was waiting to see. Ashley Wildcat takes on Bella in the best of submissions series. Although Ashley is much taller than Bella, she still may have her work cut out for her as Bella has been waiting for this moment for quite some time. Ashley is dressed in her fantasy football outfit, while Bella is dressed as a ref. Looks like something has spilled over from an earlier football game when Bella made a wrong call on Ashley. Now the show begins.  They lock up and Ashley using her long legs grabs Bella, falls backwards trapping her smaller opponent between her strong vice like thighs and squeezes hard around her rib cage getting a quick first tap. Second fall they both go slamming down to the mats, Bella trying to keep Ashley in her guard, as Ashley fights to get around it. Ashley gets on top and tries a few times for a breast smother submission, but just couldn’t quite get Bella to tap. Ashley slides up, putting Bella’s arms above her head and goes for a facesit instead. Bella struggling for air now she was left only to tap, Ashley asking while still sitting on her face” was that a tap” Bella mumbling yes. the next fall has then both fighting for top position, each girl preventing the other from locking on any holds as they roll around looking for any openings. Bella finally locks on a bodyscissor, but Ashley’s immense power she lifts Bella right up off the mat, with her still latched on around her waist holding tight around her neck and waist now. Ashley tries to ward off Bela using a throat choke, but Bella is tough and with stands it. Ashley falls to her butt, Bella still holding on as Ashley tries a foot smother. they both continue to fight it out on the mats, and decide to break apart. This time both girls rush at each other, but Ashley shoves Bella’s head down towards the mat, stands up and locks on a perfect standing scissor. Bella cries out and Ashley just keeps flexing and tightening the grip until finally Bella submits. Bella clearly upset now, rushes at Ashley trying to take her down. In their scuffle, Ashley sneaks behind Bella drops back, wrapping her arms around her neck, locking on a rear naked choke now. Bella fights to keep Ashley’s legs from wrapping around her body, but since they are so long, she finally secures the full hold on. Keeping Bella immobile and applying pressure makes her tap out. they lock up yet again, and the action hits the mats. Ashley tries for another facesit, but Bella escapes, Ashley goes for a side headlock instead. Bella gets behind Ashley, and tries to repay the rear naked choke favor but couldn’t get it on. Bella gets her legs around Ashley’s waist yet again, doing what she can to keep Ashley away from her. But Ashley sat back and was doing her best to secure a figure four body scissor, Bella now saying “fuck, I hate your legs” as she fights Ashley’s legs off. Unable to get the body scissor, Ashley turn’s Bella onto her stomach, and in the blink of an eye she had Bella in a terrifying Boston crab. Ashley pulls up hard on Bella’s legs and sits practically on the back of Bella’s head pulling her legs back. With a loud moan, and fear in her voice, Bella yelps out OK TAP. Bella now seeking revenge, tries to mount Ashley, but with her long legs, yet again she prevents Bella from getting close to her. Bella moves quick, and is by the top of Ashley’s head now, trying for a reverse facesit. Ashley fights hard, and is able to sit up, but fell right into Bella’s trap as she reaches around and gets the rear naked choke on. Pulling Ashley back, Bella also wraps her legs around Ashley’s waist, and tightens the grip around her neck. Ashley doing what she could to escape, could not take it anymore and finally taps to Bella. the last struggle is a hard fought one, both being as technical as possible. Ashley had Bella under control on the mats, tries for a breast smother, but couldn’t quite get it, so she opted to go for a hand over mouth submission with Bella reaching up trying the same on Ashley. Ashley then goes for side control, and slowly makes her way into reverse, then mounts Bella. Using a reverse facesit, Ashley smothers Bella and does not let up until she finally taps. Cameraman calls time, and Ashley gets off Bella and they both give one another a high five. This is quite the match with big vs small, and you can see sweat coming off both of them, knowing that the struggle was hard, and real, right till the very end.  


cplpicsets BWW-014 Ashley vs Bella: The Confrontation

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  1. so bella how is it to be sat on by a girl you are on top all the time it hot to see you git pin Ashley good job you show that small girll

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