CMX-BSF-01 Bella’s Sadistic Fantasies : Jasmine Edition

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Bella decided to go out of her way and hire her playboy counterpart Maxxi as part of her twisted and sadistic fantasy. She explained to Maxxi that she was to do whatever she was told to chadam, so Bella could get off on directing her own fantasy. Maxxi happily agrees considering she is rather sadistic herself, and actually enjoys it as well. It starts out with Maxxi and chadam sitting on the couch, and Bella tells them she is on the clock and that has hired Maxxi to inflict pain on chadam. Bella says to chadam to get down on the mats, and he is quite cocky thinking that this hot playboy model is not going to be able to do much to him, and laughs.

Bella tells Maxxi to sit on his face hard with all her weight, and that when chadam taps to make him fight for air and not get up. Already chadam’s struggles become real, as he fights to get air, Maxxi pouring on the pressure. Bella keeps dishing out commands to Maxxi full filling her sexual deviant desires to watch chadam be punished by a sexy hot playboy model. Bella tells Maxxi to slap him, pull his hair, and continually make him fight for air. Bella even says “i want to see his face turn purple”, Bella then tells Maxxi to do the splits on his face. Maxxi then spreads her legs wide, and mounts chadam’s face again, burying his nose deep in her pussy, saying “no breathing for you now”. You can hear Bella in the background getting more and more turned on the more Maxxi makes chadam suffer. Bella tells Maxxi to turn in reverse to humiliate chadam with her ass, as Maxxi shakes and gyrates all over his face, while smothering him at the same time.

As Maxxi is smothering him Bella says “if you want air now, you are going to have to grab her ass and massage it”, finishing her sentence with ” buddy your life is in my hands, you better listen”. Each time chadam now wants air, he grabs Maxxi’s perfectly tight ass in hopes he will get air. As Maxxi lifts up, Bella tells him to kiss her ass, and he is to do it twice. Bella yells out no more air, and Maxxi jumps back down onto his face. Clearly Bella is sadistic and is enjoying watching him be manhandled and dominated. Maxxi sits in full weight reverse, slamming down onto his face, with Bella controlling her every move. Bella tells Maxxi to go back into forward, and to choke chadam now. Maxxi places her feet on either side of his neck, and uses hand over mouth adding additional pressure. Chadam is regretting ever wanting to do this now, as Bella is just plain out mean and sadistic. With loads more facesitting, Bella wants to see Maxxi’s perfectly round tits smothering chadam now.

Maxxi lays down on top of him, and engulfs his whole face between her perky tits, smothering him. she even slaps his face over and over with them, laughing at him. Bella’s pleasure was not over yet, as Maxxi sits up, and Bella tells her to facesit him again. This time, Bella told her to pinch his nipples super hard and smother him until he was out. As Maxxi latches onto his nipples and facesits him, you can hear his muffled cries of pain. Chadam was fighting through the pain, and just wanting air, but neither was going to happen for him. Sure enough he lay motionless beneath his blonde dominatrix of pain, Bella tells her to get up, they high five and Bella says ” good job, you did your job” I am very proud of you. Maxxi then turns and smiles for the camera, leaving chadam out on the mats.

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  1. Maxxi has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in those sexy Bra & Thong Panties & I absolutely love her Front & Reverse Facesit & her Breastsmother on Chadam!

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