Active: YES Height: 5’5 Weight: 115 lbs Wrestling Skills: fem fem, mixed, semi competitive, competitive, fantasy, pincount, pin/submission, grappling Favorite Moves: headscissors, facesitting, rear naked choke  

SUNSHINE TAMPA (guest wrestler)

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PREVIEW DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO Sunshine and Bella are competing in an all out most taps facesit match. Bella has come to realize that Sunshine is much more powerful and strong than she looks. Bella needs to be on her game, and Sunshine has to amp […]

BWW-023 Sunshine’s Intense Facesit Challenge

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PREVIEW DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO   Bella is back at it again, hiring more girls to bring the pain and humiliation to chadam. This time Bella hires Sunshine to inflict her much wanted sadistic desires that she can think up. Bella is ready with camera in […]

CMX-BSF-002 Bella’s Sadistic Fantasies: Sunshine Edition

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