KOA-0145 Tilly’s Striptease KO

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Tilly and Paige are set to have another match, this time Tilly has a secret plan that she is going to unleash on the unsuspecting Paige. As they enter, Tilly steps out in skin tight jeans, while Paige is wearing a bikini. Looking strangely at Tilly, wondering why jeans, they get to their starting positions on the mats. As they face off, Paige goes at Tilly, but she braces for it and pushes back Paige, then drives her down to the mats. Once down, Tilly climbs on top of Paige, putting her arms high above her head, and plants herself right on her face smothering her. Already Paige is trapped and in trouble, as she struggles beneath Tilly. Having to tap for air, Tilly lifts up ever so slightly, then goes right back down again, not giving Paige much time to recover. Tilly repeats this process over and over, smothering out Paige, and removing some of the fight from her. With a quick turn, Tilly flips around in reverse, now shoving her ass in Paige’s face, burying it deep smothering her. Paige’s struggles seem to be rather hopeless as  Tilly keeps her top spot, on Paige’s face. Becoming rather winded, and slightly frustrated that she is unable to unseat Tilly, Paige begins losing hope now. Now seeing that Paige was not able to put up as much of a fight as before, Tilly lifts off Paige’s face and begins pulling her jeans down. Now exposing her barely covered ass, she shoves it back in Paige’s face her nose deep in her butt now. Tilly now gives Paige a long dose of ass in the face reverse facesitting, punishing Paige with just her ass alone. It was evident that Paige was running out of air, trying to catch her breath every chance she could as Tilly was relentless with he smothering. Now Tilly turns back into forward, pulling her pants down just a bit more, and sits full weight on Paige’s face, pinning her arms under her feet. Paige was feeling utterly humiliated, Tilly decides to give Paige another close up look of her ass and pins Paige again in reverse. Fighting desperately to escape, Paige still is unable to over take Tilly. Now Paige must suffer the wrath of having Tilly’s ass in her face. Tilly’s ass punishment got the best of Paige and she ran out of air and actually dozed off, leaving her exhausted. Tilly got off Paige, and ripped her own bikini top off, seeing that Paige was slowly coming to she had to act quick. She took Paige’s arms and tied them up with her bikini top. Paige was weakly fighting back, but had no strength left. Tilly then grabbed a long knee high sock and used that to gag Paige with tying it around her head and in her mouth. Tilly continues to feed her ass to Paige’s face, engulfing it in her ass cheeks. she also trash talked Paige, then steps off her and slowly strips her pants off directly in front of Paige. Going back on last time Tilly reverse facesits Paige and says to her “i win, you lose nighty night” and covers Paige’s face. She sits there as Paige makes her last attempt struggles to breathe, but ends up going out in Tilly’s ass. Tilly even stays on Paige’s face after she goes out and gives a perfect muscle flexing pose on her now beaten unc0nscious  opponent. 

cplpicsets KOA-0145 Tilly's Striptease KO



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