KOA-0136 Hard Lesson Learned

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO Arianne and Cynara were working out on the mats and Cynara was getting agitated waiting for Arianne to finish. An argument ensued and Cynara called Arianne a bitch. Well that set her off and Arianne jumps up to attack Cynara. That backfired […]

SAV-052 Tilly’s Facesitting Revenge

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO Tilly lost her last match to Cynara in SCS-089. Now with a bit more training under her belt and a real desire to beat Cynara she was ready to take on the amazon once again. Tilly was trained on how to apply […]


ACTIVE:  YES Height: 6’0 Weight: 175lbs Wrestling skills: fem fem, mixed, competitive, semi competitive, prostyle, grappling, pincount, pin submission Favorite moves: headscissors, facesit, piledrivers  

SAV-033 Team Tall vs Team Small

This clip is a tag team style match featuring team amazon with Cynara, and her partner, Chris. Both are 6’0 and the tallest here. Bella and Arianne are the 2 smallest both under 5’4. It’s big vs small. Chris and Bella start off the match […]

SCS-089 No Backing Down

Cynara was challenged by Tilly in a semi competitive match that has both girls working hard. Tilly is outweighed and loses height to the amazon Cynara, but that did not scare her as she readies herself for an all out mat war. When they begin, […]

SCS-084 Delivered Domination

Cynara and Mia meet again on the mats, after almost a 2 year hiatus. There is still a bit of bad , and Cynara certainly takes it out on Mia. This is a 3 tap style challenge between them, in order to give them both […]

KOA-032 Scissored To Sleep

KOA-032 Scissored To Sleep  Mia stands up to Cynara and challenges her to scissor her with intensity holding nothing back. Cynara accepts and of course agrees to wanting to inflict pain upon Mia. As they start the match both fall over and Cynara wraps her […]

Cynara vs Chadam Jeans Match – Gallery

Cynara vs Chadam Jeans Match – Cynara shows her evil streak in these photos taken from her match with chadam. Wearing her super tight jeans she pummels him with scissors, facesitting and more. Chadam is literally at the mercy of his amazonian goddess, with each […]