SJM-016 Paige’s Double Trouble K.O.’s

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Paige was set to take on chadam in this clip, but she wanted to do it in front of his friend Chris. Paige was dressed in a skin tight black leather one piece suit that stuck to her body, showing all her perfect curves, tanned toned body, and powerful thighs. She starts out sitting on chadam in a schoolgirl pin, then she moved into her face sitting. Chadam struggled to break free, but Paige was too heavy for him to unseat, each time he tapped out, it just got worse for him. Paige makes him work for air, and sometimes just ignoring his taps.

After a few minutes chadam’s struggles stopped, and he was out. Chris didn’t believe he was done that quick, so Paige dragged him over the mat to see, and she forced Chris down now. Jumping on top of him, Paige smothers and facesits Chris. As this is happening chadam finally comes to, sees that his friend is now getting beaten by Paige, but she slaps him a few times and holds him down by his throat. Now Paige patiently waits for Chris to go out, sitting harder on his face. Paige switches from each loser, who keep getting K.O’d over and over by Paige, and even draping her leg across the other guy’s throat while she sits on the others’ face.

She switches from forward to reverse face sits, easily man handling both these wimps, showing her dominance. Paige finally jams both chris and chadams heads close enough and she face sits them both simultaneously crushing the life, wind and air out of both, until each one stopped moving. She sits posing on top of both proudly defeating two men at once.



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