CMX-LL-111 Lethal In Leather

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Paige is dressed to in her super tight leather pants and top. She steps onto the mats looking to inflict maximum pain, with minimal effort. With her quads of steel she easily squeezes chadams neck and head causing him numerous times to wince in pain. She applies some oxygen depriving facesits, covering his whole face with leather covered crotch and ass. Paige gets her kicks watching and listening to chadam yelp in pain, or have his face turn dark red, then almost purple. Paige has a grip like no other, once those pythons are wrapped around her opponents head, its game over. She uses reverse fig 4 headscissors, straight scissors, facesitting forward and reverse, and a brutal armbar. Chadam was wiped out, finished, and beaten utterly defeated by his stronger femdom rival. Paige shows us once again, what working out can do, while chadam should go see a chiropractor to get his neck fixed after this brutal beating.


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